Living Brave

Transform shame into power, own your story and take leaps of faith for your personal and professional growth. 




Helping you rewrite your narrative, connect to purpose, and take bold action. You deserve to embody your truth and wake up every day excited about your life.

January 2021

Empowered Business Accelerator


You deserve to live on purpose. To start believing that wild success is possible for you too. Claim your path. It pays to be brave.​

Living Brave Podcast

Dive in for unfiltered stories and diverse insights that inspire us to own our stories, pave a new way forward, and lead with courage. Living Brave ventures into traditionally “off-limits” territory and invites in edgy and unpopular opinions related to mainstream culture and spirituality. The goal is to inspire connection, radical truth-telling, and to clear the clutter preventing us from going after the lives we dream of…  

Powerful, and full of love. This is a beautifully raw series tapping into the art of vulnerability and returning to self. This has been so uplifting. Such a blessing.” – Lumi

Living Brave Leadership Mastermind


For the female entrepreneur who’s here to make waves. You know that all great businesswomen are leaders first. Let’s take the power back.

In just a month with Shoshanna, I've launched my podcast, created programs that are aligned with my heart and skills, and gained 1:1 clients. She has helped me shift my mindset in my business from scarcity to excited and empowered!


Living Brave Community

A space for purpose-driven people to inspire, connect, and engage in community events, workshops and occasional high-touch support. 

Shoshanna was a catalyst for me to step away from climbing the corporate ladder and saw me through building my life as an entrepreneur. She will ask you to look in the mirror, to really see yourself for who you are and ask: is this who you want to be? If the answer is no she will help you find the YOU that is in there.


2021 Guatemala Retreat

Connect with a diverse group of adventurers for an unforgettable week on the shores of the magical Lake Atitlan. Our home away from home is nestled in the mountains of San Marcos. We’ll practice, play, and unplug in our open air yoga shala, cozy community space and on-site gourmet cafe, all with a stunning view of the lagoon and its three surrounding volcanoes.

Dates TBA. Check out the venue here.  Book a call with me to explore the opportunity here

“Best yoga retreat of my life. Adventures, yoga, and relaxing with great people in a beautiful place.

Everything being inclusive, and a packed but optional schedule really reduced stress and allowed me to fully enjoy the experience. Plus, the food was diverse, local and delicious!” — Ben (Panama 2019, India 2020)

I work with soul-centered women who want to do the deep work required for sustainable, long-lasting transformation. If you're ready to shatter old ways of being and find your voice, you're in the right place.


The Offbeat Life Podcast

Debbie and I speak to breaking free from the victim mentality, comparison traps on social media, the journey from freelancing to entrepreneurship, and more.


Ready to level up and take the leap? 

Life Coaching

Own your story, alchemize shame into power and step into your worth for your personal growth and freedom.

Business Coaching

Build empowered offerings that serve the world, tell a story that lands, and make consistent $ without burnout.


Our week together is designed to revitalize you and crack you open to your unique potential. Connect, grow, and explore.

Living Brave podcast, community, retreats, and signature coaching programs aim to break down fear and shame culture. The platform of now 7K+ people around the world is helping solve the loneliness epidemic and clear the clutter preventing us from embodying our full potential. We're pioneering a new way of being, in which we realize that authenticity, radical transparency and vulnerability are key ingredients for happiness and true connection. We are a movement of purpose-driven dreamers and leaders uplifting one another and planting seeds of transformation.

Hi! I'm Shoshanna

I help fiery, heart-centered women make their story work for them, whether through reclaiming power in their personal lives or building a soul-centered business.

In 2015, I traded corporate consulting for a one-way ticket to India. After a yoga teacher training, 30+ countries, and a successful career in journalism, I launched the Living Brave podcast. 

The platform expanded into a community of 7k+, sold-out international retreats and booked out signature coaching programs. In line with my mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, I speak openly about HSV and encourage others to use vulnerability as a super-power.

I’m passionate about guiding women through the journey of returning to themselves and taking leaps towards their goals.