Watch as we join forces to CATAPULT to an EASY $10M+ year, with a team of 4


Watch as we join forces to CATAPULT to an EASY $10M+ year, with a team of 4

We want to show you exactly how we’re taking the chill rocketship to 8-figures this year 🚀

We’ve documented our entire journey, skyrocketing organically from $0 to $8M in sales in less than 4 years…

We laid it all out in our programs, classes and social content… 

Now, we’re doing it again.

This time, taking you behind the scenes of our exact plan to build off our million dollar sales months to consist million dollar cash months and a predictable 8 figure year by keeping it simple, having the time of our lives and creating MORE space and ease. 

Introducing our first ever… 



The EXACT playbook we’re using in our year to 8 figures

– The mindset shift and the energetics of unstoppable growth (calibrating your beliefs and nervous system to inevitability of your most audacious dreams)

– How to get paid every day for something you created 5 years ago

— The story of how we did $1M in 20 days with just Shosh, 2 failed hires and 5 hours of VA work/week

— How we’re re-positioning the brand to reach a 10 times bigger audience

— The 3-step process we’re using to build a massive vault of social proof with a “testimonial gold rush” 

— Who you actually need on your team to scale from $10k to $100k and then $1m+ months

—  The flow between structure/plan/logic and flow/spontaneity/and heart for fast, sustainable growth

— The BTS of working together as a couple and how we organize it

The process we’re using to systemize the business and prepare for rapid growth without falling apart 

– How to know exactly what to work on next in your business in what order 

– The plan to reach the 8-figure mark without a sales team using “mass conversion events” to drive $1m weeks or even days 

– How to scale back your time without building up massive overhead with a big team 

– The dead-simple ad + funnel process we’ll use to get 100x the leads we did last year

– AI automations that will make the machine run without having to 10x the team 

– Creating culture at scale and how we plan to maintain our core values as we grow 

– The mission driving all of this that’s bigger than any one of us 

– Set it and forget it media strategies that will convert new buyers all day long 

– How we’re using the compounding effect to get more and more out for the same amount of work

And you can do ALL of this while…

🚀 Having fun in your business 

🚀 Holding on to your core values 

🚀 Creating a community of customers and clients you love 

🚀 Expressing yourself instead of taking a cookie cutter approach 

…as a multi-passionate, shame slaying woman


❌ Launching all the time 

❌ Hiring a huge team of sales reps and admin people that you have to manage 

❌ Getting in to a monotonous, boring routine so repetitive that you lose the spark

❌ Taking away from your relationship with your partner and your family 

❌ Spending all day on zoom, stuck in meetings or acting as a middle manager



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