Empowered Business Accelerator

8-week signature group program




Hello gorgeous! Welcome.
If you're a multi-passionate, driven entrepreneur or entrepreneur in the the making, launching or revamping your soulful business...
If you're seeking authentic heart-centered strategy & an energetic upgrade to collapse your growth timeline and support your long-term brand vision...
If you're ready to go on the journey of stepping up for your community and grounding your gifts into signature offers...
If you're eager to own your desires and fully claim the path of entrepreneurship... CONGRATULATIONS! You're in the right place.

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Empowered Business Accelerator

8-week signature group program

Imagine this...

You run a mission-driven business that brings in six-figure income and nurtures an engaged and nourishing community. 

With integrity, ease, and creativity, you show up, lead, and provide value in your area of expertise. You’re excited about your offers, and you’ve worked through the mindset blocks, starter limbo and lack of strategy keeping you from staying consistent, visible, and authentic. 

That creates a flow of organic leads without the need for paid marketing, a fancy website or complex funnels. 

You rise to the top of a fast-growing industry without watering down your message or changing your vibe, cutting right through the homogenization and salesy-ness that kept you from diving in right away. 

You evolve alongside your brand, you tell stories that land, you have ample time for new passion projects and adventure, and you work from anywhere with soulmate clients. 

Tough Love Alert

At the beginning stages, without support it's very easy to...

The Alternative: The Accelerator

The Time is Now

If you’re in starter limbo, getting lost in the sea of online service-based businesses… I’ve been there too. 

You might be trying to wing it on your own, getting bursts of inspiration, only to show up inconsistently, without the clarity and confidence that’s required for you to build an empowered and abundant business. 

You have a ton of ideas but no tried and true strategy and structure to run with it.

If you think you have to sell a sub $100 course to get started, provide your services/content for free until you prove yourself, feel at all stressed about showing up consistently in your business, are resistant to promote your offerings … I’ve been there too. 

You might be getting messages about how inspiring your work is, without anyone wanting to buy or seeing you as an expert. 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to trade time for money, or take another passionless job that pays the bills. 

That you can position yourself, attract your ideal clients, and hit consistent $5k+ months to multiple 5-figure months right off the bat without a large social media presence. No, you don’t need another certification. 

If you get the support that you DESERVE, and implement simple strategy to monetize your gifts and put them to work for the people that need you, you can build a thriving business that scales to 6-figures and beyond. 

There’s no need for sleepless nights, guessing games, and years of climbing the ladder. AND you can continue to explore, play, live your life, and stay true to yourself. 

It’s not rocket science, it’s bravery, trust, and grounded strategy. 


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Your Empowered Biz
You deserve to live on purpose. To believe that wild success is possible for you too. Claim your path. It pays to be brave.

While I work with a diverse array of clients, they all have one thing in common. They're here to create positive change the world.


Doing what you love doesn't mean a pay cut. Make consistent $10k+ months and beyond, and scale your business without burning out.


One of the most rewarding parts of having a business, is that it becomes so much greater than just you. Start a movement.


Your biz is a path to personal growth and discovery. Let your creativity and genius take you to new heights and open possibilities.

The Plan
I do not offer a cut-and-dry, step-by-step blue-print to building a successful online business. I do not want you to come out looking the same as the next, using my word-for-word scripts, and thinking you have to mimic someone else's approach.
The accelerator will offer you tools, guidance, frameworks, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to empower you to achieve your goals and create your long-term vision without constraints. I'll give you an invitation to break the rules 😉
I want you to live in your creativity and authentic desire. To embrace the bold, messy, imperfect action, geared with just the right amount of structure and strategy, in a brave space where you're constantly being asked to up-level and find your edge.

If you have the privilege to explore and create opportunities for yourself, why waste that gift? What's the worst thing that happens when you take a chance on yourself?

It's no longer an option to say it's impossible, as you watch others equally as deserving and qualified as you take the leap. It's never been more accessible to claim the path of entrepreneurship and build a freedom lifestyle serving your community.

Learn what it takes to market and sell offerings you're confident and excited about, without watering down your message or burning out.

The time is now.

Mindset Reset & Biz Foundations

Learn the key mindset shifts and the business frameworks that my clients use to book out their signature offers. Plus the must-know foundations to grow your community, and build your income and impact. 

Know Your Niche & Brave Brand Positioning

THE key to turning an inspirational hobby into a successful, high-impact business. 

Structure an Irresistible Signature Offer

You’ve taken all that fire and energy and channeled it into a clear and powerful message that speaks to your community. Use this to build an irresistible offering. 

Tell a Story that Lands

Authentic messaging and marketing that builds engaged and nourished communities. 

Know Your Worth

Entrepreneurship is a personal growth fast track! Learn how to price and charge a high-end offering in full integrity, and get trained on the foundations of heart-centered sales. 

Visibility + Your Long-Term Vision

Master the social game and get empowered with other avenues to visibility and organic leads. Learn how to collaborate, network and partner for the long-term success of your business. 

I'm Ready to Accelerate + Build my Empowered Business

What's Included
Black Friday Sale: $300 off + Bonus 1-1 coaching session for first 3 sign ups!


$ 4444
  • Eight weekly group coaching calls with Shosh to personalize the material to you & receive direct coaching with her
  • Eight value packed training modules led by Shosh that you can come back and listen to any time you're building a new offer or need a refresh [women have gone through 5+ times in a year!]
  • Private Community of gifted and inspiring coaches, service-providers, healers, and experts in the personal development and transformation industries. Collaborate, team up, and go deeper with the material together. Get coached within 24 hours within the FB group by the LB team.
  • Bonus guest speaker & expert workshops
  • Weekly worksheets to get you implementing & achieving results right away
  • Team up in an accountability pod that becomes like a family of biz besties for life

Accelerator VIP

$ 9999
  • Everything in EBA +
  • Four bi-weekly deep dive 1-1 strategy sessions & with Shoshanna to tailor every aspect of the course curriculum to your business & leadership
  • Most accessible way to work privately with Shosh at a 50% discount on her rate for private sessions
  • Opportunity to dive into other dimensions of your biz outside of the curriculum, i.e. podcasting, retreats, more complex launch strategy
  • Jump to the front of the 1-1 waitlist and get priority for new offerings.

Payment plans available for both!


The Empowered Business Accelerator is perfect for those who know they have gifts to share and have big ideas but do not have it grounded down in the structure and strategy that’s required for you to take off. It’s made for someone starting out, or who is revamping an existing idea. The program will empower you with the tools and foundation to hit the ground running, create your first offerings, hone in on your who, what, how and why, and start monetizing your services. That said, it’s for coaches, service-providers, healers, and personal development teachers and guides, so if all that you know you want is to break free from the 9-5 but don’t identify with any of those paths, it’s probably not a perfect fit. 

If you already know your niche and you’ve taken on clients, that’s a great thing! The accelerator will plug the holes in your system, provide jet fuel to your confidence & embodiment, empower you with a scalable business model, leverage the audience and momentum you already have, and allow you to stand in your worth and sell your heart-centered offers at the top of your industry. This is also a great program for someone pivoting to the online space. If you’ve scaled to consistent $5k+ months, I have another offering that’s likely a better fit. Let’s touch base and explore options. 

If you’re feeling stressed out about numbers, likes, and followers, and feel reliant and maybe even spiteful about social media, I’ve been there and I’m here to relieve you of that pressure. You can build a six-figure business without IG or Facebook. Many accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers still don’t know how to monetize their work/are making inconsistent income and have no clear strategy and message. I recommend using social media as a tool that supports your greater vision and helps you engage with clients. Remember, you’re not for everyone, and that’s a GOOD thing, and you only need a handful of people to love your work and decide to go all in for your high touch offerings. 

There will be time for group coaching on our weekly calls, where you will have a chance to voice your questions and get personalized guidance. That said, this program is for those who are ready to hold themselves accountable and get the tools, strategy and structure that’s required to have an abundant and successful business, within an epic group container!! (You are also paired off into mini accountability pods). For those seeking 1-1 support, that extra injection of momentum and tailored strategy, and is ALL IN to invest in the next level of their heart-centered biz, signing on for the VIP option is the best bet. That’s where I’ll also be able to help you with more specific goals like launching a podcast, publishing your writing, selling out retreats, scaling, client delivery, tailored sales training, more complex strategies and high-touch support for mindset work, etc. 

Hi! I'm Shoshanna

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs step into their authentic feminine leadership & build thriving online businesses. In 2015, I traded corporate consulting for a one-way ticket to India. After a yoga teacher training, 30+ countries, and a successful career in journalism, I launched the Living Brave podcast. The platform expanded into a community of thousands, sold-out international retreats and booked out coaching programs. We grew from a 1-woman show and a $0 launch to a $7 figure/year+ business & a global team in 1.5 years with 100% organic growth. In line with my mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, I speak openly about HSV and encourage others to use vulnerability as a super-power.
I stalled for too long, until I finally went full-time with my business. In 3 months, I surpassed my annual income in NYC and made back my business coaching investment 12x. I went from hearing crickets during launches to consistent 6-figure months in less than 1 year with a small and mighty community I grew from the ground up.

I'm here to guide you with a blend of soul and strategy. I do that without the icky homogenization and salesy-ness common in this industry, so you can cut through the noise and carve out an authentic path.

I believe that one of my greatest gifts is to see the potential in others that they often don't see in themselves.

Beyond excited to meet you.

Taking the leap isn't easy. But it's necessary to break past stagnation and level up for yourself and the people you're meant to serve.

The Empowered Business Accelerator is for you if you’re serious about doing the work and getting results. 
I once had a client tell me I was the plane ticket to her next level in life & in business. I replied, “Yes, and you’re the pilot.”

You are the driver of your own transformation. 

When I invested in my first high-level coach, it felt like the scariest thing I’d ever done. That investment paid for itself 20x in 4 months. 

I intend for the return on investment for my programs to be at least that in a short time, and hundreds of times over in a lifetime. And while I want you to make great money in your business, if that’s the only reason for seeking business coaching, you’re missing the bigger picture.

Just the act of prioritizing yourself at that level is enough to start dissolving old beliefs and stories about yourself. Unlearning your own limitations. Showing up more powerfully & bravely for your people.

The strategy, the skills, the tangible shifts and mindset work, coupled with the resource library, community support, and networking opportunities that you receive through coaching are worth every penny. I have women still meeting with their EBA pods years later, traveling across the world to visit each other! 

I’ve committed to mentorship at every stage of my business journey because I believe in this work. It fcking WORKS! & I believe it’s vital to have coaching support ourselves if we are asking others to invest in our programs. 

As Pema Chodron says so beautifully, “fear is a natural response to moving closer to truth.”

So if you’re feeling nerves, butterflies, or like you’re at the edge of a cliff about to jump off, that’s a great thing.


"Working with Shosh showed me what’s possible and that it can be done in an easeful way. I made back my investment and then some. August turned out to be my first $7k month. I felt scared at first, but also such a resonance and such trust. If I didn’t sign on, I wouldn’t have gotten so clear in my business, I wouldn’t have two offerings, I wouldn’t have launched a live masterclass, and I wouldn’t be here today. If you’re thinking about taking the leap, do it. Just go for it. ~ Mary

Apply. I'll learn more about you and your goals, and if it's an aligned fit, I'll share more about the 8-week accelerator. If it's an empowered yes, I'll walk you through the enrollment process. If it's not an aligned fit, I'll provide you with any resources or insights that may benefit you moving forward.

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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