embodied wealth & sustainable growth to 7 figures

For heart-centered coaches & entrepreneurs ready to exhale & relax into their next level of embodied leadership

at the multiple 6 figure level, the sustainability of your success is capped at your ability to anchor in, express & enjoy… To lean into the hard moments, cultivate unshakable self trust & set yourself up to win without the hustle. 

Living Brave exploded from a shame slaying podcast to a business that generates six figures every month & serves hundreds of clients around the world… in one year.

Throughout this journey, I’ve built deep relationships with entrepreneurs at every level. 

& No matter what stage… Business program after business program, I saw the same issue arise. Genuinely intentioned people getting lost in a self-made rat race. 

Women reaching their biggest milestones yet only to fear whether or not they can do it again, unconsciously sabotaging, shrinking, and diluting their magic. 

The key is not in backtracking how you did it last time, but in discovering the next evolution of Self being birthed through your up-level. 

Often, the quantum growth comes with an initiation. More of the same no longer works. 

Too many women miss this opportunity to rise to the occasion. To embrace change, lean into the feminine & make simple tweaks & shifts in her business that free her up to scale.

so I created anchored to share what I offer my private clients who are blasting through their goals & calibrating into new levels with grace.

In this free standalone training, we dive into:

✱ Keys to feminine embodiment & sustainable growth as a heart-centered CEO

✱ How to walk courageously through an initiation & show up as a fully expressed human in your community-centric business

✱ Behind the scenes into Living Brave’s metamorphosis 

✱ Shame slaying & cultivating unshakable self worth

✱ Strategic, grounded principles for business growth at the multiple 6 figure-7 figure level that create spaciousness & ease

No more convincing, overpromising & value stacking just to make the sale…

No more of the same old content that gets a ton of “so inspiring” and not enough serious interest… 

No more writer’s block, creative stuckness and reliance on doing more to hit bigger targets.

Hello growing waitlists for your programs…

Hello “I just want you to know, you’re on my vision board” messages…

Hello clients who just get it & you’d be happy to go on a week vacation with…

Hello offers filling behind the scenes without massive launches & broadcasts…

You don’t need a massive following, a new web designer, a new certification, the latest social media hack, a new niche, or to scrap it all and start over.

What I love most about my work as a mentor to the gifted women I work with is that I typically go in and simplify, refine and make small tweaks that completely change the game for my clients.

Even if there is ONE aha moment, if there is a hint of activation in this masterclass that leads you back to your power & innate wisdom.. It’s worth well beyond $111.

These principles are exactly what allowed Living Brave’s revenue to skyrocket from $15k-50k months with a lot of push energy, to back to back six figure months with plenty of spaciousness to create value-packed experiences like this for you to get a taste of Living Brave without the 4 or 5 figure investment.

If you’re feeling called to this experience, but have a moment of hesitation on the check out page… Here’s a peek inside the masterclass.

One of the most impactful lessons I learned on my journey and impart to my private clients is this..

The fastest way to call in higher level clients is to become one yourself.

You go first.

If you’re holding back from investing a hundred dollars in a masterclass that’s feeling aligned & inspiring, and then you ask your people to take the leap and invest in themselves through their offers…

I’m inviting you to create an integrity in your business that is magnetic.

When you’re brave, they’re brave.

When you follow your desires, they follow their desires.

When you pay in before it pays out, they pay in before it pays out.

When you trust and make decisions as your next level self, they do too.

Your business is a mirror.

So what do you say?

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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