Claiming the Path of Entrepreneurship

Imagine this...

You run a badass six-figure business that nurtures an engaged and soulful community. 

With flexibility, ease, and creativity, you show up, lead, and provide value in your area of expertise. You’re excited about your offers, and you’ve worked through the mindset blocks, starter limbo and lack of strategy keeping you from staying consistent, visible, and authentic. That creates a flow of organic leads with minimal marketing, no Facebook ads, fancy website or complex funnels. 

You rise to the top of a fast-growing industry without watering down your message or changing your vibe, cutting right through the homogenization and salesy-ness that kept you from diving in right away. 

You evolve alongside your brand, you tell stories that land, you have ample time for new passion projects and adventure, and you work from anywhere with soulmate clients. 

This is for you if...

If you have the privilege to explore and create opportunities for yourself, why waste that gift? What's the worst thing that happens when you take a chance on yourself?

It's no longer an option to say it's impossible, as you watch others equally as deserving and qualified as you are claiming the path of entrepreneurship and build a freedom lifestyle serving their communities.

Learn what it takes to market and sell offerings you're confident and excited about, without watering down your message or burning out.

The time is now

What you'll walk away with

Hi! I'm Shoshanna

I help fiery, heart-centered women make their story work for them, whether through reclaiming power in their personal lives or building a soul-centered business. In 2015, I traded corporate consulting for a one-way ticket to India. After a yoga teacher training, 30+ countries, and a successful career in journalism, I launched the Living Brave podcast. The platform expanded into a community of 7k+, sold-out international retreats and booked out signature coaching programs. In line with my mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, I speak openly about HSV and encourage others to use vulnerability as a super-power. I work with women of all different backgrounds who are ready to ground their gifts into empowered offerings, shift their mindset and up-level in business and their personal lives.

With a background in finance and economics alongside yoga and mindfulness, a love for adventure, a knack for speaking and community building, and a track record of success in launching and scaling businesses, I'm here to help the purpose-driven women multiply impact and income doing what she loves.

I stalled for too long, until I finally went full-time with my business. In 3 months, I surpassed my annual income and made back my business coaching investment more than 10x.

I'm here to guide you with a blend of soul and strategy. I do that without the icky homogenization and salesy-ness common in this industry, so you can cut through the noise and carve out an authentic path.

I love the work I do and I wouldn't trade it for passive income in a second. I believe that one of my greatest gifts is to see the potential in others that they often don't see in themselves. The greatest reward from this work is watching you surprise yourself as you achieve your goals.

What if you stopped waiting around for something to happen and took the leap?

Claiming the Path of Entrepreneurship​

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How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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