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For the heart-centered woman who’s here to make waves & rise as the whole person.
You know that all great businesswomen are EXPANDERS first.

Diana Davis

Business mentor for creatives shares how she had her biggest ever launch at 60k+ & 7xed her rates with dream clients inside the Mastermind community

Angelica Martin

Multidimensional healer & new mom shares about her first 5-figure dream client, and mindset & leadership breakthroughs within a few months of the Mastermind

👁️ Imagine this...

You wake up on Monday excited for a new week. Every day is different, but they’re all challenging and meaningful, just the way you like it. You run a thriving business with a triple bottom line.

You run sold out signature programs, in-person events & high-level experiences that help women succeed in your area of expertise.

You don’t worry about where the next lead is coming in because you not only have a waitlist of clients excited to pay you for your work, but you’ve implemented simple & repeatable systems and mastered the art of feminine energetics & wealth magnetics. 

This allows you to stay consistent, while maintaining the spaciousness in your schedule & freedom to put your energy in your passions, travel, creating just for fun, and living a life by design. 

Plus, you have that nourishing feeling of being held in a container with a mentor that you trust, who you can bounce ideas off of and receive guidance as you take inspired action. You’re closely connected with your community of Mastermind sisters who are smashing their goals. 

You invest in yourself regularly, you’re committed to your people, and you show up even when it’s hard because you’ve worked on crystallizing the big vision.

You have a roadmap to growth, but you’re open to your goals evolving alongside you. 

Your team does more than relieve the workload, they feel like family and support.

Everyone is invested in the mission. Your business is an extension of your heart.

The more fun you have & the more YOU you are, the more money you make. 

Imagine you...

For the female entrepreneur who’s here to make waves.
You know that all great businesswomen are leaders first.

Real Talk​ 🧡

Hey beautiful.

I’m celebrating you for committing to your dream. I know you’re well past the point of even considering a Plan B. 

You have a validated business idea, you’ve seen your work transforms lives and you’ve come a long way in your business. 

I’m here to help you work SMARTER, not harder.

I know you didn’t leave the corporate rat race to join another.

You’re ready for the next level of financial abundance, and… 

You’re driven by purpose. You’re here to serve real people. You’re motivated to make your unique mark on the world. 

You’re an intuitive woman who knows it’s your time to step up.

You’re here to ascend and take others with you.

You’re not here for the linear time line or the tried and true approach… you’re here to collapse time and break the rules.

You’re here to lead. 

Anyone can learn systems and strategy, but can your business be a living, breathing extension of your mission?

The EXPAND Mastermind is designed to help you share the solutions on your heart in a way that empowers you and your community, and allows you to quantum leap your income AND impact. 

An incubator for

In my programs, you’re invited to skillshare, to step into expansion, and to learn not just from me but from a network of talented innovators from all backgrounds. 

The LB EXPAND Mastermind isn’t like the next business program. It’s an invitation to step into leadership and join a nurturing and intimate container personalized to you. 

My Approach

I’m an ambitious woman deeply committed to my souls’ work as a powerful coach, way-paver, shame-slayer & mentor. 

I value depth, humor, advocacy & integrity.  

I’ll be your coach above all, and also your friend and sister.

I’ll shine the mirror back at you and call you out lovingly on your BS.

I see you in your highest and hold that vision, helping you create a roadmap to get there.

When challenges arise and no matter the circumstance, I never doubt your radiance.

Who is the EXPAND Mastermind for?

What you’ll walk away with 💎

What You'll Recive

Inside the Living Brave EXPAND Mastermind

BI-Weekly Mastermind Calls

Value: $12k

Bi-weekly 90-minute live group coaching sessions where you’ll have access to personalized mentorship, keeping you accountable, energized & action-oriented. 

1-1 Deep divE call with shoshannA

Value: $3k

Your private 1-1 is your opportunity to get crystal clear & dive in right away. We’ll lay out your business road map, address your mindset, product suite, pricing, messaging and sales strategy, and any of your burning questions so you can hit the ground running. This is your space to lean in for dialed in, high-touch coaching as you integrate, implement and take off in your business. 

Lifetime access to the living brave member vault

Value: $15k

How to get the most out of the EXPAND Mastermind? Show up to calls ready to vision, workshop & get all your burning questions answered. Between calls you can dive into trainings including the Empowered Business Accelerator, Quantum Wealth Activation, Becoming Brave, & more. Since these are all pre-recorded, they won’t take up any of our Mastermind coaching time. Return back to the Mastermind material for years to come as you evolve, grow & launch new offers. Includes lifetime access to program updates. 

live Bonus Modules

Value: $6k

Laser focused training sessions curated specifically for this group so you can level up your strategy & business energetics. 

Guest training vault & Bonus Live speakers

Value: $5k

Learn from the best of the best and receive specific support in the area you need. I’m always showering my groups with live, bonus guest presentations on topics you’re specifically interested in. Access past guest trainings on topics like podcasting, inclusive community building, embodied leadership, public speaking and networking like a rockstar inside the Member Vault. 

1-1 Systems & Strategy deep dive 

Value: $1k

On this private funnel blueprint call with Miles of HeartFunnels, get personalized coaching & support on your backend system and marketing strategy. Ground in the masculine structure required for you to take off in your next level of feminine leadership 

Private community of badass, empowered female entrepreneurs

Value: $15k… (actually priceless)

Lean into our private Voxer channel whenever you want to share a win, ask for feedback, get coached by Shoshanna and everything in between. DAILY!!

Say no more to running your business solo… That can be a lonely and confusing road. Surround yourself with other growth-oriented leaders who back their dreams just like you do and understand what it’s like to dive in and aim high. 

Access daily support inside of our thriving private community, where you can expect to feel uplifted and seen always. Connect & collaborate with a network of high vibe, successful entrepreneurs who become sisters for life. 

that all comes out to

$54k+ in value over 6 months.

Apply Now

6 months

$ 10k or 1,497/mo

Choose your plan

6 months

$ 10k or 1,497/mo

Includes lifetime access to the Vault & access to all live Living Brave programs while a Mastermind member.

If you’re like most people, making a 5-figure investment in yourself likely feels stretchy!

I also know that if you’ve made your way to this page, you’ve got something special that sets you apart from most people.

You’re willing to pay in before it pays out, and make decision based on where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

This is a big multiple-6-figure boss decision.

If I invite you in, it’s because I’m confident it will pay back again and again as you continue to grow your business.

Once you know how to achieve consistent 5-figure months, that skillset doesn’t go away. The EXPAND Mastermind is designed to support you for years to come.

Sasha Kovalchick

EBA & Mastermind alum shares her experience going from 9-5 & no offers to booking out her 1-1 coaching business, building out her creative product suite with groups, workshops, private events & retreats!

Morgan Rodriguez

Ancestral healing coach goes from multiplies her income 4x & sells out her first coaching program.

 Join an intimate community of growth-oriented leaders that will become like family.

Hi! I'm Shoshanna

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs build businesses that empower their communities. My signature approach blends feminine leadership, grounded strategy & wealth consciousness, to help women step into magnetic self-expression and build multiple six-figure & 7-figure empires with triple bottom lines.

In 2015, I traded corporate consulting for a one-way ticket to India. After a yoga teacher training, 30+ countries, and a successful career in business journalism, I launched the Living Brave podcast.

The platform expanded into a community of thousands, sold-out international retreats, and booked out signature coaching programs. I grew Living Brave from scratch to $600k+ in revenue in 12 months with organic marketing & heart-centered sales.

In line with my mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, I speak openly about HSV and encourage others to use vulnerability as a super-power.

With a background in business & finance alongside yoga and mindfulness, a love for adventure, a knack for speaking and community building, and a track record of success in launching and scaling businesses, I’m here to help the purpose-driven women make an impact and income doing what she loves.

I’m here to guide you with a blend of soul and strategy. I do that without the icky homogenization and salesy-ness common in this industry, so you can carve out an authentic path.

I can’t wait to meet you.


It pays to be brave.

The EXPAND Mastermind is for you only if you’re 110% committed to doing the work and getting results. 

While having a ton of FUN in the process, of course 😉 

If you’re feeling doubt, that’s normal. How human!

That said, the EXPAND Mastermind is for the entrepreneur more deeply rooted in her self-belief and her mission than in her excuses & fears. 

The truth is, you can’t invest in yourself unless you feel WORTHY of it. Hiring support is a bold act of strength & determination, not weakness. 

At Living Brave, we don’t view coaching as a means to “fix” you or your business. 

I work with incredibly talented & gifted entrepreneurs that are simply choosing to grow the smart way, rather than try to work their way up a ladder that doesn’t exist.

They choose to plug in at a new level, with a mentor who’s been down the path and will hold them high & at a new bar through the highs and the lows, offering personalized mentorship, as they do the same for their community.

I once had a client tell me I was the plane ticket to her next level in life in business. I replied, “Yes, and you’re the pilot.”

You are the driver of your own transformation. 

My own coaching has provided the greatest ROI of all my investments. I love getting coached by the best. 

I’ve consistently leveled up and gotten support at every stage, so that I can be a better leader, collapse my growth timelines, pre-empt the inevitable hurdles and avoid falling on my face as I rapidly scale.  

Just the act of investing in yourself at this high level level is enough to radically shift the way you show up and help you quantum leap towards your business vision. 

Know that the personalized strategy, the frameworks, practical tools and deep energy work, coupled with the robust resource library, community support, and growth opportunities that you receive through this container will serve you for years.

As Pema Chodron says so beautifully, “fear is a natural response to moving closer to truth.”

So if you’re feeling nerves or butterflies, that’s a great sign.

If you’re feeling expanded & joyful, like you’ve finally found IT, welcome to the portal.

You’re right on time. 

Ellie Drabik

Business strategist shifts from undercharging & unclear in her messaging to selling consistently & with heart, embodied in her leadership, selling her first $5k offer & booked out business.

Nicole Alyssa

Food body coach shifts from unclear about her niche & brand to $10k months & two full group programs in ONE month.

here’s to the leader you’re becoming.

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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