Friday, April 9, 11am MST


Hey you amazing human,

Congratulations on claiming the path of entrepreneurship.

This Living Brave experience is a stand alone, value-packed masterclass for both aspiring and established heart-centered coaches, healers, teachers & guides…

In this interactive training, you’ll gain clarity, direction, inspiration and actionable steps to ground your most creative and powerful ideas into booked out offers.

The principles I’ll share with you are exactly what propelled me from confused and in limbo in my coaching business ($0 in revenue) to near $600k in revenue ONE year later.

You’ll walk away with…

✱ Activate an empowered CEO mindset to gain clarity & embodied confidence so you can monetize your gifts, stand out online and magnetize your people

✱ Learn the simple frameworks and foundations that save you time, energy and resources most spend scrambling and overcomplicating.

✱ The step by step approach I offer my private clients to building, launching and selling out a signature offer with soul 

✱ Understanding of a 6-figure business model, simple strategy and product suite design

✱ What actually moves the needle in business vs. common energy leaks & mistakes that I see again & again

For the woman more committed to her “unreasonable” dreams than the doubts & fears… Who’s willing to go all in and take a risk on herself in service to a greater mission. 

Full time freedom.

Next level confidence. 

Intentional, ethical strategy.

Focused impact & influence

Powerful calibration. 

It gets to be fun. 

It gets to be easy.

You get to have it all. 

But first, you have to leap.

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Full time freedom

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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