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4 month Mastermind - Fall 2020

For the female entrepreneur who’s here to make waves.
You know that all great businesswomen are leaders first.
Let’s take the power back.


Business Coaching Client

👁️Imagine this...

You wake up on Monday excited for a new week. Every day is different, but they’re all challenging and meaningful, just the way you like it. You run a thriving business with a triple bottom line.

You have multiple offerings, in-person events, high-touch coaching, and signature group programs, that help women succeed in your area of expertise.

You invest in yourself regularly, you’re committed to your people, and you show up even when it’s hard because you’ve worked on crystallizing the big vision.

You have a roadmap to growth, but you’re open to your goals evolving alongside you. 

Your team does more than relieve your workload, they feel like family and support.

Everyone is invested in the mission. Your work is an extension of you. You know that personal growth and business growth are one in the same, and they feed each other.

Imagine you...

❤️ Real Talk

You didn’t leave the corporate rat race to join another.

Things like “be authentic” and “cut through the noise” are starting to feel like catch phrases.

While the next business coach is selling you multi-5-figure months, that streamlined system, and the perfect life in Bali, it doesn’t fully click with you. You’re drawn to something different.

You’re ready for the next level of financial abundance, AND, you see where that falls short. You know that when your primary motivator is simply more, there will never be enough.

You’re driven by purpose. You’re here to serve real people.

You’re an intuitive woman who knows it’s your time to step up.

You’re here to uplift a new paradigm, not to perpetuate broken and oppressive systems.

Your ascension means nothing if it’s not for all people and alongside those who need it most.

Anyone can learn systems and strategy, but can your business be a living, breathing extension of your soul’s higher mission? 

The Leadership Mastermind is designed to help you share the solutions on your heart in a way that empowers you and your community, and allows you to quantum leap your income AND impact. 

An incubator for collaboration

In my programs, you’re invited to skillshare, to step into leadership, and to learn not just from me but from a network of talented innovators from all walks of life. 

The LBL Mastermind isn’t like the next business program. It’s an invitation to step into leadership and join a nurturing and intimate container personalized to you. 

My Approach

I’m a soft-spoken woman with no tolerance for fluff, spiritual bypass, or rigid thinking.

In sum, I’ll be your friend and sister, and I’ll shine the mirror back at you and call you out lovingly on your BS.

My favorite part about coaching, and where I see myself shine, is in my ability to see you in your highest potential, and help you create a roadmap to get there.

When it’s hard to know your value, I never doubt your radiance.

Who is this for?

💎 What you’ll walk away with:

Tailored to Your Business Goals

High-touch support for your unique vision of impact.

Where I differentiate my offers from other business coaches most drastically and see myself shine is with community building. I’m here to help you leverage the tools and platforms at your hands to grow a community around your work – Facebook groups, email lists, client relations + retention, I got you. THIS is where you rise as a leader. 

How to create, launch and grow a successful podcast! I learned the hard way with Living Brave and want to save you a ton of time and energy that you can use on creating and growing your platform! From the back-end tech stuff you need to know, to getting thought leaders and influencers on your show, promoting your podcast, and producing a high quality show, I got you. For those that aren’t into your own podcast, I’ll share my insights on landing podcast interviews. 

How to be an effective speaker and land speaking gigs. In-person and online! This is an example of an avenue for leads and growth that extend past social media. For example, I once spoke on a panel for a small community – 45 minutes with just 7 live viewers turned into $7k and 2 high-ticket soulmate clients. (This was also in my FIRST month of business).

How to sell out a high-ticket retreat and curate an incredible experience for your clients. From logistics, to marketing, launch strategy, itinerary, vendors, pricing, structure, etc., I got you! I sold out my first international retreats without a large following or any paid promotions!

The strategy behind a 5-figure group program launch! When we work past the foundations, we can get in depth with a more complex strategy as you scale your business and grow your product suite so that everything you do has a place and makes sense within your longer-term business goals. 

I help my clients write, edit, pitch and publish their work! Their words have resonated with thousands of people, helped established their authority, get visible, generate organic leads, and gain credibility and experience as a thought leader. My writing has consistently ranked on sites like Elephant Journal, where I get paid to publish personal essays that convert clients. 

How to charge what you’re worth and negotiate with brands for high ticket deals. For example, I helped my client land her FIRST brand partnership (with a following under 7k on IG) and pay for half of her coaching investment with a 2 minutes of video and a social post. 

How to network like a bad ass and collaborate the smart way. Make long-lasting connections with people that are beneficial to your business and help you level up in other aspects of your life. 

 Join an intimate community that will become like family well past four months.

Hi! I'm Shoshanna

I help fiery, heart-centered women make their story work for them, whether through reclaiming power in their personal lives or building a soul-centered business. In 2015, I traded corporate consulting for a one-way ticket to India. After a yoga teacher training, 30+ countries, and a successful career in journalism, I launched the Living Brave podcast. The platform expanded into a community of 7k+, sold-out international retreats and booked out signature coaching programs. In line with my mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, I speak openly about HSV and encourage others to use vulnerability as a super-power. I work with women of all different backgrounds who are ready to ground their gifts into empowered offerings and shift their mindset around all things business.

With a background in finance and economics alongside yoga and mindfulness, a love for adventure, a knack for speaking and community building, and a track record of success in launching and scaling businesses, I'm here to help the purpose-driven women make impact and income doing what she loves.

I stalled for too long, until I finally went full-time with my business. In 3 months, I surpassed my annual income and made back my business coaching investment 15x.

I'm here to guide you with a blend of soul and strategy. I do that without the icky homogenization and salesy-ness common in this industry, so you can carve out an authentic path.

I love the work I do and I wouldn't trade it for passive income in a second. One of my greatest gifts is to see the potential in others that they often don't see in themselves.

Take. The. Leap.

The Leadership Mastermind is for you if you’re 1000% committed to doing the work and getting results. While having a ton of FUN in the process, of course 😉 

I once had a client tell me I was the plane ticket to her next level in life in business. I replied, “Yes, and you’re the pilot.”

You are the driver of your own transformation. 

When I invested in my first high-level coach, it felt like the scariest thing I’d ever done. That investment paid for itself 20x in a few months. 

Since then, I’ve consistently leveled up and gotten support at every stage, so that I can be a better leader, collapse my growth timelines, pre-empt the inevitable hurdles and avoid falling on my face as I rapidly scale.  

I’m confident that you will see the return on investment in my programs before they end, and watch it multiply hundreds of times over in a lifetime. 

Just the act of investing in yourself at this high level level is enough to radically shift the way you show up and help you quantum leap towards your business vision. 

The personalized strategy, the frameworks, practical tools and deep mindset work, coupled with the tangible resource library, community support, and networking opportunities that you receive through this container are absolutely worth every penny if you’re fully committed to this path.

As Pema Chodron says so beautifully, “fear is a natural response to moving closer to truth.”

So if you’re feeling nerves, butterflies, or like you’re at the edge of a cliff about to jump off, that’s a great sign.

You’re right on time. 

Brittany Svirbely

Biz + Empowerment Coaching Client

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