What if you could make more sales in your business than all of last year... in the next 30 days?

30 Days of Feminine Sales Training, World Class Networking, Bonus Coaching Every Week and Prizes!
Doors are STILL open - join today and start bingeing the content, applying and engaging with the community.

What if you could make more sales in your business than all of last year... in the next 30 days?

30 Days of Feminine Sales Training, World Class Networking, Bonus Coaching Every Week and Prizes!

Likes and followers don’t pay the bills, and definitely don't grow global empires and million dollar movements.

For THIRTY days, I’m challenging you to SELL your heart out...

To move past any stickiness and resistance in the most INTEGRAL part of your business!

To try on unconventional, playful, and authentic sales strategies that COUNTER mainstream masculine tactics... so you can get generously PAID for the incredible work you do in the world!

If you’re headed into the end of the first quarter knowing you need to pick up speed, stay on track with making consistent easy-yes offers for your community and finding flirty, creative, relaxed ways to generate revenue in your business.. I made this for you!

In the Money March challenge, you'll harness the power of feminine sales with daily prompts, action items and teachings from me personally in a private Telegram community.

It's time to feel a new level of confidence in your sales and build a business that OVERFLOWS into the other areas of your life, rather than borrows from it. Low maintenance, high cash flow is the vibe.

What if you made more this month than all of last year combined? I know it might sound crazy... but in Money March round 1, this is exactly what happened for dozens of women in my community, and I also 5xed my revenue month over month. So... why NOT you, too?


Last year, 500 women joined us in a 30 day challenge to make sales FUN, easy and feminine... and the results were INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we're bringing it back this year and going 10x with it! We're aiming for 2,000 in the room!

It's going DOWN inside The Club, the best membership on the internet for shame slaying female entrepreneurs! You can join Money March for 30 days and leave whenever! or you can find your home and stay with us in the Club after March as we COMPOUND the momentum beginning with Exponential April!

Let's make March of 2024 your biggest month ever

While so many online business owners are fixated on more content, views, likes and going viral… the same people are struggling to really make an impact and collect CASH. It's all too often that even once you get the audience growing, and even SUPER engaged, the cash flow does not catch up.

Why? Because most social media entrepreneurs are focused on vanity metrics, not what makes a healthy, cash-happy business...

So, what if you FOCUSED on your sales this month?

Money March is the catalyst to your highest cash month yet: where you gain sales skills, training and a network of welcoming, collaborative female entrepreneurs (and our few conscious men!) that support you for the entire year.

Because I’d rather you be FINANCIALLY FREE and SUCCESSFULLY MAKING AN IMPACT than popular with the masses... and the online business world has gotten BORING with the same old posts and marketing tactics! Let's shake it up and make sales FUNNNN again!

I’m taking MYSELF on a sales challenge because accountability, focus and consistent, aligned action works.

Because I’m obsessed with showing you what's possible by creating unconventional success, and taking my community with me on the chill rocketship! The only rocketship I wanna be on 😉

Sales is a love language!

And money in your hands is good for you, your loved ones, and the world!


rules of MONEY MARCH...

1. Sell EVERY single day and receive a daily training (guidelines will be given inside the Telegram group)
2. The more days you sell the more prizes you'll get

$30 buy-in for 30 days


***After every week there will be a simple check-in form for you to fill out so that you can receive that week’s prize when you complete the challenge successfully***

The More You Sell, The More You Win


Sell 7 days in a row​

Prize: Access to a brand new LIVE class "HOT SALES IN THE DMS + HIGH TICKET SALES FLOW: LIVE WALKTHROUGH AND DEMONSTRATION" with Shoshanna ($555 value for FREE when you complete phase 1)


Sell 14 days in a row

Prize: LIVE private group coaching call with Shoshanna where you’ll receive direct support, guidance and Q+A from a near 8 figure sales perspective ($555 value for FREE when you compete phase 2)


Sell 21 days in a row

Prize: "CONTENT ON THE FLY: Create Reels in 5 Minutes that *sell* AND get seen without looking like everyone else!" with Shoshanna: live workshopping and DEMONSTRATION ($555 value for FREE when you complete phase 3)


Sell 30 days in a row


You know I leave the best for last… and I love to over-deliver for my people. You’re going to want to make sure you qualify for this.

+ GRAND FINALE crazy prizes and spontaneous giveaways throughout the challenge for both participation and results!


You’re invited to connect with hundreds of embodied leaders and visionary entrepreneurs in the vibes of investing, selling, and networking… looks like you’ve already struck gold! Whether you're just getting started or already made 8 figures... there's something for you here.

The results speak for themselves...

"I joined Money March and I sold more and had more fun than I ever have in business. Never leaving the Club!"

"The Club is more valuable than many high ticket Masterminds I've been in. I feel the most free and feminine I've ever felt in my business and I'm signing clients at my highest rates."

Diana Eskander

"I 10xed my revenue in Money March from my lowest month ever and had a $50k month.

"I found Living Brave during Money March, and it changed everything. I had my highest month ever, a $50k month. I'm still in the Club a year later and obsessed! It’s a family and Shosh cares about you like a sister."

Claire Sellers

Since Money March all of my launches have been BIGGER than the last!

"I was skeptical as a sales expert myself.. but what I got in Money March and then the Club was more than I could ever imagine. I've pivoted my business. Made amazing connections. Shosh takes you behind the scenes of how she's actually building her business."

Hera Zee

"I had my first 5 figure month in Money March and have been having them consistently since!"

"You will open up your mind to different ways of doing things. My finances and capacity have skyrocketed."

Celine Ramirez

"I have never felt so excited or enlivened in my business"

"I started working with Shosh 9 months ago during a rebirth of my 7 figure business. She is a mentor that SEES you. She really helps you get into alignment with your truth and who you are. She is over pouring with inspiration and ideas constantly."

Mel Wells

"I 30xed my revenue in one year since Money March, from <1k to $30k cash month!"

"Money March was epic and amazing, I went from a revenue dip back to 10k months and then accelerated the whole year. I joined the Club after and then the Vortex Mastermind."

Hannah Becker

After Doing $9 Million In Sales, I've Realized Something...

In February, many women in my network started an Instagram reels challenge.

I had a thought… “I wonder how RICH these women would be if they SOLD every day.”

I posted this online and the response was LOUD. “Is this a program?!?! Ummm. I’m IN”

I knew there was something here for us.

In February, had already started my own 30 day Tik Tok challenge.

I grew my TIkTok 6x in 30 days.

In March, it’s about MONEY.

What if you more than 6xed your SALES this month?

There’s something magical that happens when you get into a flow…

You release perfection.

You find what works for you.

You get new ideas.

Other people inspire you.

You begin to collaborate.

You tap into a current of creativity.

Your offers start to pop off.

Let’s create a VORTEX of support, ideas, celebration, breakthrough and success!

What do you say?!


Invite a friend, celebrate with us, and get your genius self in this room before we kick off for the entire month!

Join Money March taking place inside the club experience: $30 for 30 days.

cancel anytime within 30 days, OR STAY IF YOU'RE IN LOVE FOR $99/MO!

money march will simplify how to:
make "no brainer" offers that are easy for people to say yes to
have fun in sales and channel your authentic, passionate self into a strategy that works for women, based on desire rather than pain, and makes you feel proud rather than "icky" about your strategy
generate cash flow without crazy systems and automations, and save time by knowing exactly where to focus and what steps to take
create content that converts
sell high ticket and without sales calls or lengthy sales processes or pages
stand in your worth and confidence in sales
embody the energy of authentic, feminine sales
be brave af in sales and claim your power as a badass sales*woman*

Plus, doesn't your purpose, passion and financial health deserve an investment of $1 and a few minutes per day?

the return on investment is limitless... when you realize that YOU are your safest asset...

"I had built a 7 figure/year business but I was exhausted. I joined Vortex (includes the Club). My organic business has tripled in 2 months with Living Brave. I'm having so much fun. The best way I can describe it is letting your HAIR DOWN."

Leslie Levito

"When I first saw her, I thought... cute. I admired her from a motherly view. But then I joined Money March... and I was mindblown by her brilliance. She's a natural. I've stayed in the Club ever since."


"I have never felt so welcomed. I didn't even know I needed community. I can't say enough how life-changing it's been. Within one week my business had a whole new structure and new inquiries flooding in."

Samantha Mullett

“I think you’re ready to SELL!”

I think you’re ready to SELL!” This was the million dollar piece of coaching advice I got from my first coach. It terrified me. And it worked.

My first month in business as a life coach full time was a $20k sales month. I used to make less than that during an entire year of freelancing for my 7 side jobs!

Over the years, I’ve taken my unconventional attraction-based approach to business and revolutionized traditional sales so that it felt good for me and my clients. And it worked.

$9M in organic sales in just 4 years, with a small community, and no clunky sales systems or complex funnels, sales teams, sales calls, and in many instances, no sales pages.

Consistently, people tell me how in awe they are of how comfortable and natural, and authentic it feels when I sell. Little do they know the first time I went live to share about my first ever program, I was so nervous that I pretended I had to go.

Practice. Consistency. Finding what works for me. Learning. Investing. Applying. Tweaking. Improving. Innovating.

Get a backstage pass as I show you my best sales strategies, frameworks and perspectives...

How might your life change if you committed to selling your heart out with style, class, femininity and joy... embracing an entirely new, spacious, attraction-based strategy, for 30 days. And met incredible friends and won prizes to help you grow your business along the way?



If you’re in The Club. You’re IN!! 30 days of sales training! But all the weekly PRIZES for selling, like new classes are for participation! So weekly forms will go out and if you sold/participated you’ll get additional prizes! But the daily training and community you get automatically, and is accessible in the same Telegram group and member’s only podcast.

Money March is included in The Club and is happening inside The Club! If you join Money March for $30 you can decide if you’d like to stay in the Club or end your subscription before 30 days after you join. 

If you’d like to stay, the Club will be $99/month. You’ll get access to tons more in prizes, bonuses, daily training and keep access to everything. If you leave you lose access to the material.

There is no commitment to stay! Test drive it and you might just become a lifer. 

Either way you cannot get $30 of value in Money March. 0 risk

This is such a good question! If there’s one thing I’ve learned coaching 4,000 women and personally going from no offer to $9M in sales it’s that clarity takes action, and magic happens when you get in the room. I waited for 1.5 years in limbo and invested $7k before I had an offer or made a dollar. Then the offer came, with coaching and the commitment to myself. You can’t leave Money March or not feeling more solid and clear, I think it’s impossible. How long are you willing to wait for a yes? Why not CREATE a YES. You are worth it. And it’s only $30

Please search your inbox for “welcome to the club” and read the email all the way through 😉 Once you get in our private community on Telegram, please click the top right “pinned messages” in Money March 2024, find the FIRST one pinned in the thread, which is Money March welcome video, and watch!

Yes, that would be my Empowered Business Accelerator which includes 30 hours of training on building business organically and from the heart and from SCRATCH to 7 figures.  It’s all my foundational strategy. That is $5555 or included inside my Vortex Mastermind and has supported hundreds of new entrepreneurs or women pivoting their business in generating 6 to 7 figures from 0.

If you are not able to prioritize that level of leap. I could not recommend Money March more. It’s really more of what you need in the beginning to get going, and from there you’ll have the confidence to invest in yourself. Most people don’t succeed not because they don’t have  ALL the steps, but because they stall and don’t take action. Money March is about action and better business coaching that I got in the beginning for thousands of dollars, for $30

Yes, the latter!! I will be giving tips prompts tools trainings on SALES STRATEGY and how to creatively sell with your heart and soul. I’ll give more guidelines in the Telegram group but it is about YOU being held accountable to selling directly everyday! 

It’s all explained on JoinMoneyMarch.com and in the welcome video pinned at the top of “Money March 2024” in our telegram group! There’s a private Telegram group where I’m going to be teaching and giving behind the scenes of a sales strategy and sharing daily. There will be hundreds of people to connect and network with.

And every week the prize is for completing the challenge. So the first week is a live training with me on Sales in the DMs. Week 2 is a private Q&A Call with everyone who sells for 14 days straight, etc. ANDDD there will be bonus giveaways for results and participations

That’s the point & why it’s powerful! If you do what’s convenient and easy.. life doesn’t change much!! You’ll realize that going all in and becoming successful is actually the greatest gift you can give yourself and it can be much easier and more relaxing than you’re thinking. We actually make it very hard stalling and putting one foot in one foot out!

Even if you don’t sell everyday you’ll get 30 days of training and tons of bonuses – I think it’s impossible not to find a $30 value. 

March 1st and TODAY! You can check your email with exact instructions “Welcome to Money March”

I recommend binging in February: The Pregame in Telegram which you can, introducing yourself in the Telegram community and enjoying your life while you watch your entire way of approaching business rearrange. 

Relax and have fun.. it’s an abundance buffet.. take it a meal at a time.. more is more! There will always be more. I can’t stop! and just keep saying to yourself “WOW I can’t believe I paid $30 for all of this” 

Hi love! The vault is going to grow with new classes throughout the year!

For $30, you’ll get thousands in value and if you stay, more crazy Club bonuses added to your Vault all year. 


Part of the magic of STAYING is you don’t lose access to the past materials. 

Year 1 Vault is only for the people who stayed since year 1. We just started year 2. I may sell year 1 in the future $83917328291912) but it’s no longer available for $99.

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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