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MONEY MARCH was one of the most epic Living Brave experiences in 2023.

& we're bringing it back NEXT YEAR TOO.

Feel free to cruise by the waitlist, but know that prices will rise between now and next year. We recommend you grab your spot now!!

For THIRTY days, I’m challenging you to SELL your heart out...

To move past any stickiness and resistance in this INTEGRAL part of your business, try on different approaches and strategies and get paid really fcking well for the incredible work you do in the world.

If you’re headed into the end of the first quarter knowing you need to pick up speed, stay on track with making consistent irresistible offers for your community and finding FUN, creative, easeful ways to generate revenue in your business.. I made this for you.

In the Money March challenge, you will harness the power of aligned sales with daily prompts, riffs and teachings from Shoshanna in a private Telegram community.

It's time to feel a new level of confidence and creativity in your sales and build a business that is OVERFLOWING with cash reserves.

This is the month you stack the cash.

Likes and followers don’t pay the bills, and definitely don't grow global empires.

In a world fixated on more content, views, likes and going viral… the same people are struggling to really make an impact and make SALES. For many, the audience is growing, and even engaged, but the cash money does not reflect it.

What if you FOCUSED on your sales this month? I want to help you more than double your best month yet, and gain valuable skills, training & a network that supports you the entire year.

I’d rather you be financially liberated and successful than popular with the masses.

I’m taking MYSELF on a sales challenge because challenges work.

Because I’m obsessed with rising alongside my community, I’m taking you with me.

Sales is sexy.

Money in the hands of good hearted people is good for the world.


rules of the game...

1. Sell EVERY single day (guidelines will be given inside the Telegram group)
2. The more days you sell the more prizes you'll get

$30 buy-in for 30 days


***After every week there will be a simple check-in form for you to fill out so that you can receive that week’s prize when you complete the challenge successfully.


Sell 7 days in a row

Prize: Access to a brand new LIVE masterclass on ORGASMIC SALES with Shoshanna ($222 value for FREE when you complete phase 1)

Sell 14 days in a row

Prize: LIVE private group coaching session with Shoshanna where you’ll receive direct support, guidance and Q+A on sales strategy and energetics from a multi-7-figure perspective ($555 value for FREE when you compete phase 2)

Sell 21 days in a row

Prize: Get your business and your offer featured on the Living Brave page (11k+ reach)

Sell 30 days in a row


You know I leave the best for last… and I love to over-deliver for my people. You’re going to want to make sure you qualify for this.

Surprise giveaways throughout the challenge for both participation and results!


You’re invited to connect with hundreds of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs in the vibes of investing, selling, networking… looks like you’ve already struck gold!

WHY I built this...

Earlier this year, many women in my network started an Instagram reels challenge.

I had a thought… “I wonder how RICH these women would be if they SOLD every day.”

I posted this online and the response was LOUD. “Is this a program?!?! Ummm. I’m IN”

I knew there was something here for us.

I had already started my own 30 day Tik Tok challenge. In January, I challenged myself with a month of no alcohol. In March, it’s about MONEY.

I grew my TIkTok 6x in 30 days.

In a world where everyone’s obsessed with audience growth and going viral… these same people are struggling to really make an impact and make SALES.

What if you more than 6xed your sales this month?

Likes and followers don’t pay the bills.

I’d rather you be financially liberated and successful than popular with the masses.

I’m taking MYSELF on a sales challenge because challenges work.

And because I’m obsessed with rising alongside my community, I’m taking you with me.

There’s something magical that happens when you get into a flow…

You release perfection.

You find what works for you.

You get new ideas.

Other people inspire you.

You begin to collaborate.

You tap into a current of creativity.

Your offers start to pop off.

Let’s create a collective cash vortex

What do you say?!


Invite a friend, celebrate with us, and get your genius self in this room before we kick off for the entire month!


Focus on what MATTERS most.

“I think you’re ready to SELL!” This was the million dollar piece of coaching advice I got from my first coach. It terrified me. And it worked.

Our first month in business full time was a $20k month. I used to make less than that during an entire year of freelancing for my 7 side jobs!

Over the years, I’ve taken my unique approach to business and learned how to revolutionize traditional sales so that it felt good for me and my clients. And it worked.

$4M in organic sales in just three years, with a small community, no ads, and no clunky sales systems like funnels, sales teams, sales calls, and in many instances, no sales pages.

Consistently, people tell me how in awe they are of how comfortable and natural, and authentic it feels when I sell. Little do they know the first time I went live to share about my first ever program, I was so nervous I pretended I had to go.

Practice. Consistency. Finding what works for me. Learning. Investing. Applying. Tweaking. Improving. Innovating.

Get a backstage pass as I show you my best sales strategies, frameworks and perspectives...

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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