Behind the scenes, mini trainings and surprises with Shoshanna + hundreds of shame slaying legends.


Behind the scenes, mini trainings and surprises with Shoshanna + hundreds of shame slaying legends.

This month is about rapture, riches, overflow... orgasms at 1pm on a Wednesday, coconut water kombucha mocktails in a fancy glass because we just fckin feel like it, offers that "make no sense" and ignite this community's soul on fire... anything goes... because it's a damn treat to be alive.

Here's exactly how to join in on the FUN and have your highest month yet in the most unconventional way.

Fck what everyone says about the summer months slowing down, we're on the chill rocketship. Which means that we slow down to speed up, we relax INTO, not out of, and because of that, summer here at Living Brave always sees a massive UPTICK in sales and clients! And did I mention, we experiment, have a ton of fun, and make business easy and exciting again?

yay. LFG.

If you're not yet in THE CLUB...

My lord. It's the best party on the internet and if I honestly think about it long enough and can't even believe that I created it.



You join and not only get access to an ever-growing network of hundreds of the best humans in the online business game, but you get daily coaching with me on our theme of the month (like SALES, MARKETING, BOSS MOVES, EXPONENTIAL GROWTH and now MAGNETIC JUICY ABUNDANT ENERGETICS)... o o o PLUSSSS an entire Vault of courses and classes we keep adding to worth $20k+ (check the deets below).

... for just freaking $99.

It's like leaving a Beyonce concert in the middle of the Formation chorus.
She's not concerned.


💸 Money March 2023 …. $3333 value

8+ hours of money mastery training focusing on sales, marketing and becoming financially liberated.

💸 Exponential April 2023 …. $3333 value

8+ hours of gold on the energetic and strategic strategies for your next 10x leap in business.

💸 Boss Moves May 2023 …. $3333 value

30 days to compound cash flow and set yourself up for sustainable, momentous growth in your business

💸 Prolific June 2023 …. $3333 value

Focused on elevating you to a level of VISIBILITY that you’ve never touched… by doing marketing a new way… with a feminine edge. It’s easy to have ideas… it’s brave to publish.

💸 Juicy July 2023… $3333 value

30 electric days of training + coaching to come ALIVE + kindly fck the rules to ignite pleasure, play + that spark you had in the beginning.

💸 Naughty August 2023… $3333 value

LIVE this month!!

💸The Seductress Masterclass Training …. $222 value

1+ hour training on how to implement attraction principals in your business and in your relationship. Stop chasing people and they flock to you.*

💸 Slay on Social Social Media Training …. $555 value

1.5 hour deep dive training on how to make social media work for you in your business.*

💸 The Feminine Edge SCALING masterclass for female entrepreneurs scaling to millions …. $555 value

💸 Unshakeable Masterclass Part 1…$222 value

💸 Organic Million Dollar Business …. $333 value

4+ hours of organic marketing and produce suite training – learn how we grew from $0-1.5 million in 1.5 years

💸 Orgasmic Sales Training [a FAVORITE]…. $222 value

2 hour training with implementable tools and frameworks for feminine sales mastery and attraction [your hubs and your bank account will thank us]

THAT'S A TOTAL VALUE of $20k+ for JUST...


***Access bonuses ONLY while membership is active***

Hi, I'm Shoshanna!

I’m a holistic life, business, love & leadership mentor for the most epic women on this planet. I consider myself a power amplifier and idea doula for heart-centered visionaries.

Living Brave began in 2019 as a shame-slaying podcast where I publicly disclosed my positive HSV status and had conversations with other leaders about breaking free of stigma, standing up to the status quo and paving your own path of vulnerable, authentic leadership and limitless potential that exists on the other side of a courageous leap of faith.

The platform QUICKLY expanded into a community of thousands, sold-out international retreats and booked out signature coaching programs. We grew from a 1-woman show to a multi $7 figure/year+ business & a global team in less than three years.

I’m in love with my work in supporting brave, paradigm-shifting women in expanding their impact & blasting through income goals by leading a brand & a community that feels like an extension of their heart.

Excited to meet you <3

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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