Welcome home… 

Phoenix Rising. 

Woman with am untamable heart, soul & passion. 

A fire kindling, ready to set ablaze. 

Unwilling to compromise. 

Unavailable to settle. 

Here for the extraordinary. 

Open to miracles. 

Brave enough to go first.

To play the big game.

To live a story worth telling. 

So that she can become a walking permission slip for the next woman. 

Slaying shame, breaking ancestral patterns, defying the odds… 

Alchemizing every wound to wisdom, creating her reality where quantum leaping is the norm…

Showing, rather than needing to prove, that she’s a force to be reckoned with. 

Imagine what would it feel like to be radiantly, unapologetically expressed.

To be desired, pursued, head-turning in your confidence.  

“One day” is knocking at you’re door. 

You’re right on time.

You’re invited to an interactive, free training with open coaching led by Shoshanna. 

Exploring feminine power & magnetic confidence so you can lead yourself powerfully & unapologetically in your personal & professional life & attract your desires with more ease.

Catch the replay!

Phoenix rising

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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