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I’ve listened to MANY self help podcasts and nothing makes me feel as accepted and welcomed as Living Brave. I love the way Shoshanna speaks with such kindness, open-mindedness, and acceptance. Listening to her experiences with major turning points is so refreshing and real. The term “living brave” is such a fantastic way to gain confidence and has really invited me put it to the test!


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We dare to lean into the unknown and pioneer a new way of being. Join me and my guests as we share unfiltered stories and diverse insights that inspire us to own our stories, and rewrite our narratives together.

We explore what happens when we break down shame, stigma, and fear, and lead with courage. Each episode, we work to clear the clutter preventing us from going after the lives we dream of. The podcast ventures into traditionally “off-limits” territory and explores topics like culture, wellness, entrepreneurship, self-development, and spirituality. Think Humans Of New York meets Brené Brown, with a dash of Tim Ferris.

We laugh, we cry, sometimes at the same time – and we keep showing up no matter what. By practicing radical transparency, acceptance, and true self-love, we can level up in every area of our lives.

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