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How to Overcome Shame + Take Your Power Back

Inside the training we'll cover...

  • What is shame, and why it’s so important to understand shame vs. guilt
  • Tools and frameworks for breaking past limiting beliefs so that you can own your story
  • How mastering shame allows you to reclaim your sense of belonging, passion and purpose
  • A game-changing break-down of upper-limit theory, shame triggers and how to prevent self-sabotaging
  • Stories and examples of the magic this work can do from clients and my own life!
  • Step-by-step method for moving through shame and using it to empower yourself

Many of us are unaware of how strong of a hold shame has on our lives. It often hides in the dark, where it's amplified and holds us back from living in our fullest potential. You deserve freedom from those outdated stories. So let's dive in!

What if your deepest shame was actually the source of your greatest power?

Turn your Shame into power

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How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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