Storytelling Mastery

A value-packed training bundle for entrepreneurs ready to captivate an audience, elevate your writing and speaking skills, and tell magnetic stories that connect and enroll. 

A 3-module immersion to activate your voice.

Beneath all of the doubts and fears, there’s a part of you, stronger than anything, that knows you’re here to create something extraordinary. 

You’re not just here to make a $10k month and copy the formula, getting lost in noisy online space. 

It’s not about yelling louder. 

It’s about dialing in, creating connection, and lasting impact through your storytelling mastery. 

The truth is, when you do this, there is no such thing as competition. 

You won’t learn this in your average business course.

And you are not the average entrepreneur.

You’re a visionary. 

A creative.

An artist. 

A rule breaker. 

This signature program is for the heart-led entrepreneur ready to fully claim her voice and bring depth, color and style to her messaging.

Think about SMI as a transformational retreat to nourish the soul, a continuing education training to upgrade your brand and add to your writing & speaking skillset for years….

Leverage new art form, build a powerful personal brand, rid yourself of stale, outdated and manipulative marketing once and for all & dare to empower your people with words that stick and carry out the sales process for you.  

(You receive lifetime access to the recordings and program updates!)

Inside Storytelling Mastery you’ll receive:

3 90-120 minute value packed trainings with live Q+A

➢ Module 1: Own Your Story: Leadership, Magnetism, Brand Standout, Discovering the Art

➢ Module 2: Tell Your Story: Depth, Structure & Style, Voice & Volume, Hooks & Hangers… 

➢ Module 3: Messaging Mastery: Ethical Attraction Marketing, Creating the Most Powerful Woman in the Room

*this is a rough outline, the experience will likely be part channeled message & go where it needs to go!

Value: $6k

+ Bonus Slay on Social Bundle

➢ 90-minute video training behind the scenes of tripling my following organically in one year and hitting $600k in revenue using social media a soulful marketing platform

➢ Reels tutorial + 51 Reels Prompts

Value: $500

+ 2 Bonus Workbooks

➢ Get implementing, writing, speaking and dialing up your storytelling right away with prompts, frameworks, and ideas that you can come back to again and again.

Value: $500

+ 2 Private Pop Up Community

➢ Connect, network, share ideas and collaborate with the badass women of Living Brave all around the world. Build genuine relationships with biz besties that will mirror back your power, cheer you on in your biggest wins and support you through the challenges.

Value: $1000 (Actually priceless)

Receive an offer stacked with value at 1/14 the investment…

➢Total value: $7k

Enough with the vanilla, all over the place, wishy washy messaging.

For the entrepreneur seeking to bring depth to your brand & connect with your community through authentic storytelling & creative messaging.

Your stories don’t just jazz up your content. 

They go deeper than surface level marketing and move people to feel. 

They build loyalty, connection, trust and lead to mind-blowing results in your business. 

Stories are the key to your quantum leaps.

Behind every million dollar brand are stories that inspire, move, magnetize, and impact an industry.

This is more than your quarterly sales milestones… this is your LEGACY.

The world needs your words.

your Investment: 


Early bird Through 3/28

$200 OFF with Code –> BRAVE



Access to Slay on Social Bundle

Emily Bingham

Empowered Business Accelerator

London Lucille

Empowered Business Accelerator


Empowered Business Accelerator

The EBA was exactly what I needed to launch with total faith and success. I filled two group coaching programs in under 2 weeks. EBA helped me get clear on my why and how to show up powerfully on social media. The biggest thing it taught me was to know my worth… EBA’s value is priceless.
Jaime Moar
Empowered Business Accelerator
Recent big milestones for me have been selling out my 1:1 ancestral coaching program with people on my 2021 waitlist, housing 70 members (& counting) in my membership community, establishing heart-centered relationships, tripling my monthly income, supporting myself through my newly filed LLC business, paying my debts with joy & ease, manifesting spiritual, emotional & material wealth... EBA primed me to dream f*cking BIG.
Morgan Rodriguez
Empowered Business Accelerator
I went from struggling entrepreneur to consistent $5k-$10k months in my business in my first year. I understand on a deeper level the larger impact I'm having on the world, my work is so much bigger than I could have ever imagined. Working with Shosh showed me what's possible and that it can be done in an easeful way. She gave so much energy and value throughout the entire experience and held the bar so high.
Mary Galkse
Private Business Mentorship & Leadership Mastermind

Storytelling mastery

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