Slay on Social (SOS)

In-depth video Training + Bonus IG Reels Tutorial + 51 Content Prompts to get you growing and engaging your audience & converting ideal clients on social right away.

My value-packed masterclass that teaches you the not-so-secret anymore secrets behind more than doubling my Instagram following & generating multiple six figures in revenue on social media in six months. 

Walk away with the most important things you need to know about showing up on social to build a standout brand, call in dream clients CONSISTENTLY, and create an aligned content strategy for your unique business goals.

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur that cares about growing a community over a following *hint, you love your people & you love making sales*, this is for you. 

you’ll receive life time access to the training & bonus materials

  • Use your authentic VOICE on social and step into Conscious & Empowered Leadership that turns heads & frees you from your love-hate relationship with social.
  • GROW and ENGAGE your social media community organically – no more shady strategies & cussing at the algorithm. 
  • Leverage all the different tools – Stories, Lives, Reels, Oh My!
  • Strategize your social content for consistent conversion… bring INTENTION to every share & engagement. 
  • Extract your unique brand essence & make it clear that you’re here to lead… not just inspire! 
  • No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. I KNOW you don’t have time for that!
  • BONUS Reels Training!
  • BONUS 50 Content Prompts so you’ll never run out of ideas

Regular Price: $197



Morgan Rodriguez

Empowered Business Accelerator

Mary Galske


Nicole Alyssa

Empowered Business Accelerator

The EBA was exactly what I needed to launch with total faith and success. I filled two group coaching programs in under 2 weeks. EBA helped me get clear on my why and how to show up powerfully on social media. The biggest thing it taught me was to know my worth… EBA’s value is priceless.
Jaime Moar
Empowered Business Accelerator
Since being in the EBA I’ve launched my first signature offer, got crystal clear on who I’m calling in to work with, and almost sold out my coaching practice. I'm launching my second offer this month, have guested on 4 podcasts, & hired my first team member! Shoshanna’s teachings on messaging and core pillars of the transformation were absolutely INVALUABLE & literally the sole reason I was able to do all of that in two months!
Stephanie Nemchik
Empowered Business Accelerator
Not only is the program life-changing, but Shoshanna is the most non-judgmental, genuine, loving, and knowledgeable person I have ever met. She has not only helped me with getting clear about what it is that I want, but has also given me permission to be unapologetically myself and reconnect to my truest, deepest desires.
Katelyn Long
Empowered Business Accelerator

Slay on social

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