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Not another course...

A living breathing current of endless inspiration. Receive DAILY feminine business and empowered lifestyle coaching. Meet your shame-slaying sisterhood for life!

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Not another course...

A living breathing current of endless inspiration. Receive DAILY feminine business and empowered lifestyle coaching. Meet your shame-slaying sisterhood for life!

WELCOME TO THE BEST COMMUNITY ON THE INTERNET for heart-centered, visionary women in business...


Imagine you had a dreamy hub that served as your female entrepreneur home…

Every day messages are generously shared about the intimate breakthroughs, successes and challenges of the industry’s most innovative and courageous leaders... up close.

Your mentor, who coaches at the multi 7 figure level, gives you daily behind the scenes riffs, inspirations and mini trainings focused on helping you grow your business and embody bravery, unapologetic expression and world class leadership, alongside a thriving life, holding nothing back...

Imagine... at your fingertips... your Members-only podcast with a NEW mind-blowing business, leadership or empowerment training EVERY DAY. You need some pep in your step so you then dive into our thriving community on Telegram, where there's always new people to connect with and familiar faces to Mastermind with.

It feels like you landed on a treasure trove. Just ONE day is worth the entire month and more. And then when you feel like binging coaching-Netflix, you can dig into the bonus VAULT with hilarious, activating, high-powered trainings like The Seductress, Orgasmic Sales and The Feminine Edge.

You feel held, seen and supported. You're most definitely not alone on this wild ride of entrepreneurship and personal growth anymore. You’re getting a behind the scenes play by play, energetic riffs, strategic advice and wisdom straight from the embodied experience of the industries greatest leaders.

Your mentor decided to take her business to 8 figures, and is taking you with her as an equal. She shares her breakthroughs, making you laugh and cry with stories that uplift you and offer perspective. She's always coming in to surprise the group with bonuses and downloads and off the cuff coaching when you need it the most...

That mentor is me 🧡



Where you land and exhale after a big day, a place to celebrate and super charge your business and leadership momentum.

For the ones who choose to rise together.

For the ones who value their quality of life and growth as the whole woman, as they grow an empire connected to their deepest truth.

For those called to serve, who desire to be generously compensated for it - to see what’s possible when you know you have a never ending current of inspiration and connection to plug into whenever you desire

For the ones who love spaciousness- who know that the day they desire to listen to my messages while they take a long bubble bath or go on a spontaneous walk - and one thing I say shifts something for them - is worth the entire investment and then some.


For those here to collapse hierarchy - to plug in where you want to play and access the only shortcut to grow in your business, leadership, and expansion as the whole woman in your life & relationships by getting in the room with the industry’s most brilliant minds and loving hearts

One collective product suite.

Get coached by me for the entire year, at a rate lower than ONE 30 minute private session. 🤯🚀😮

THE CLUB is a HUB for visionaries to amplify their power and access a never ending current of inspiration, guidance & sisterhood.

✦ MONTHLY THEMES & CHALLENGES specifically curated for your holistic thriving in business, leadership & love.

✦ DAILY connection with Shoshanna - behind the scenes breakdowns, strategic advice, inspiration, breakthroughs, mini trainings and more.


If your heart knows.

If you’re curious.

If a part of you is saying … “why NOT!?”

If your entire being is yelling “YESSSSSS!”

It is my pleasure to welcome you inside, today!!!



"I love the riffs, Exponential April is a favorite, I love the invitations to doing the homework, they change me every time a new one drops in, I love the community, I love the different threads. The Club is a no-brainer deal! It's literally the best entrepreneurial Club! It's the place to be. For a year inside The Club, it could easily be $5555."

For just $99 a month you receive:

🔥 DAILY behind the scenes inspiration, coaching, and trainings focused on our monthly themes in the realm of MONEY, BUSINESS, LEADERSHIP, LOVE, ENERGETICS, SCALING, & CONFIDENCE/POWER .... PRICELESS

🔥 A network of incredible women who want to see you win, who Mastermind and celebrate and hold you in every season .... PRICELESS

🔥 $15k+ in FREE BONUSES including our previous Club challenges like Boss Moves May & Juicy July, PLUS fan-favorite masterclasses & mini courses such as our Orgasmic Sales Training!

the club BONUSES


💸 Money March 2023 …. $3333 value
8+ hours of money mastery training focusing on sales, marketing and becoming financially liberated.

💸 Exponential April 2023… $3333 value
8+ hours of gold on the energetics and strategic strategies for your next 10x leap in business.

💸 Boss Moves May 2023… $3333 value
30 days to compound cash flow and set yourself up for sustainable, momentous growth in your business

💸 Prolific June 2023… $3333 value

Focused on elevating you to a level of VISIBILITY that you’ve never touched… by doing marketing a new way… with a feminine edge. It’s easy to have ideas… it’s brave to publish.

💸 Juicy July 2023… $3333 value
Happening now!!

💸 The Seductress Masterclass Training …. $222 value
1+ hour training on how to implement attraction principals in your business and in your relationship. Stop chasing people and they flock to you.

💸 Slay on Social Social Media Training …. $555 value
1.5 hour deep dive training on how to make social media work for you in your business.

💸 The Feminine Edge SCALING Masterclass … $555 value
The masterclass for female entrepreneurs scaling to millions.

💸 Unshakeable Masterclass Part 1… $222 value

💸 Organic Million Dollar Business …. $333 value
4+ hours of organic marketing and produce suite training – learn how we grew from $0-1.5 million in 1.5 years ****

💸 Orgasmic Sales Training …. $222 value
2 hour training with implementable tools and frameworks for feminine sales mastery

$20k+ in TOTAL VALUE...

FOR JUST $99/mo

***Access bonuses ONLY while membership is active***


Meet Shoshanna!

Shoshanna Raven is a holistic lifestyle, business, leadership, and love coach for heart-led visionaries and female entrepreneurs. Specifically, she works with personal brands & community-centric businesses, helping them take off & scale to global impact.

As a shame slayer, Shoshanna speaks openly about taboos - sex money power - to liberate the TRUTH. She launched her podcast Living Brave in 2019, where she opened up about her herpes status, in hopes to break shame and stigma culture, inspire authentic connection and liberate listeners to access their own personal power.

What began as a one-woman show with no intention to monetize grew organically to a multi-million dollar a year business in just two years! Shoshanna has now worked with thousands of clients around the world, hosted sold-out global retreats, and runs a rockstar team. 🧡

She’s on a mission to slay shame, tell the truth, and unlock your limitless potential through brave leadership… learning to walk with fear and open to the magical mystery of this wild human experience.

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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