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2+ hour masterclass AND a live Q+A with Shoshanna

Gain clarity, build momentum, and align to your BOLDEST year yet.

VISIONARY 2.0 for you movers, shakers, way pavers, shame slayers, & heart-led leaders ready to take your boldest moves, build MOMENTUM to carry you through the year & multiply your community both in numbers and engagement this year.



Has the codes for CLARITY, DIRECTION & MOMENTUM as a business owner and personal brand gearing up for your best year yet.

The foundational teachings I offer in this course carry me and my clients through all of the seasons, and have been developed after seeing what WORKS making millions of dollars in my business, serving thousands of clients, and evolving through many leadership initiations.


✦ 2 hour + masterclass that will teach you leadership, energetics & strategy to rocketship into your most abundant year yet, particularly focused on how to create sustainable momentum, clarity & direction in your business.

✦ BONUS live training + Q+A call with Shoshanna on Sun Jan 29 4pm MST

✦ Lifetime access to all replays


  • Why most people get it wrong by obsessing over “what they want” and what is actually MOST important in terms of clarity for creating “quantum leap” type success, from my own $4m+ business, multidimensional success and my hundreds of clients breakthroughs
  • Leadership: how to lead yourself and your clients through initiations with BRAVERY & stunning self awareness
  • What makes a STRONG leader that people WANT TO follow and how to use these principles in your brand/business to GROW in 2023
  • Becoming a match to the “dream clients"
  • The 3 step process that will occur in EVERY expansion cycle in your growth journey and HOW to spot them/collapse time around challenges


  • REDUCING STRESS & building CONFIDENCE as a woman behind your time who often finds herself IMPATIENT for growth
  • Why you sabotage and stall success and how to shift fear, doubt and lack so you can hold more and become a match to the level I know you want to play at
  • How I coached my ex into a break up and why it was the best thing I ever did for myself
  • What differentiates a CEO from a VISIONARY & how to embody the latter to have more fun and make more MONEY by being your most creative/imaginative self
  • Why it feels so hard sometimes and how to make it EASY.


Let me share a vulnerable story with you about how this class came to be...

I sat across the room from my partner during a workshop I was leading called “the power of knowing what you want”

“Leadership lives in your decidedness, the YES and the NO. Eliminate the maybe spaces,” I said.

We locked eye contact.

The next day I spent 7 hours in fetal position grieving the end of our relationship.

Whether or not your next steps are mapped out to a T or you’re still wondering whether you want to tear it down, change your name and move to a remote island or watch rom coms and eat copious amounts of popcorn until who knows when or take over the world and revolutionize your industry…

What you want, especially when it’s tied to forces outside of your control, isn’t power.

I often say “who you ARE BEING in your moment to moment will take you places far behind your mind’s current capacity to dream…” for this reason I don't have a vision board.

Where are you waiting around for more clarity yet know it will never come unless you GET IN THE GAME and let yourself try, fail, experiment, feel it out?

Why are you pretending to be “confused” “figuring it out” instead of taking the simple but SCARY action you know at the core is the one best for you?

What makes “overwhelm” such an enticing baseline to slip into when you’re just about to breakthrough to your next level of leadership? You could keep creating problems or finally learn to experience pleasure, space and peace..

Where are you sitting in your dreams? Sitting on links and responses? Ghosting on opportunities for your growth? Avoiding and “waiting for the perfect most comfortable full body yes!” yet still wondering why it’s not happening at lightspeed for you?

I'm sharing the answers with you so you can overcome these limiting patterns...

& gain CLARITY, MOMENTUM, AND DIRECTION ahead into your boldest year yet.



I made it SO EASY for you to get DIRECT coaching with me, 3+ hours of my most powerful LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS COACHING inside VISIONARY 2.0.


*A value packed 2 hour training right away

*NEW bonus LIVE call on Jan 29, 4pm MT where you have a chance to get your questions answered by Shoshanna directly

*Lifetime access to all!

That's 3+ hours of my best leadership and business coaching for CLARITY, DIRECTION & MOMENTUM through your year.

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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