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The program to slay in heart led business with stand out organic marketing. Put social media to work for you, build a die hard community, gain powerful communication tools & create a unique CULTURE around your movement.

6 deep dive modules & trainings

PLUS BONUS PRE-RECORDED Q+A coaching sessions with Shoshanna


is for the visionaries, the way pavers, the paradigm shifters, the heart led multi passionates who desire to defy the odds, break the rules & grow a life-giving business on their OWN terms…

Can we say goodbye to...

Pain point marketing, pushy sales, niching down, and growth strategies that suck your time and disconnect you from your passion, once and for all!?

If you’d rather build a MOVEMENT that happens to make you wealthy and influential, rather than rely on one-time transactional problem/solution offers to make money….

You’ve found yourself in the right place.

(& at the right time! With bonus LIVE calls with Shoshanna in February)


VOICE is what you need to organically GROW by…

✦ Bringing more of yourself to the table.

✦ Cultivating a community around your passion.

✦ Building a magnetic brand for a lifetime.

If you know you have a strong voice already...

I invite you to find out what happens when you build on your confidence & clarity… learn lifelong frameworks, have me in your corner to release every last block around your magnetic, standout self-expression to amplify & embolden your message to call in your soulmate clients…

VOICE is not another QUICK FIX program.

It’s not a hashtag hack program … not how to 10x your Insta following in 2 days program [although I’m SURE it could help you multiply your audience the right way, rather than funneling all your time into trending audio just crossing your fingers that THIS one goes viral, only to feel completely drained your 10th time lip syncing, getting yourself to dance on camera… until one finally flies and you realize going viral does not equal high quality clients, greater influence or a bigger bank account].

You will end VOICE knowing how to cultivate and maintain REAL relationships with your new and OG community members who follow you to other platforms

You will set a rock solid leadership & communication standard for your team members & your clients, built on POWERFUL and CLEAR leadership and messaging…

So when you scale big, you are SO proud of how you did it.


You know what’s not cool but rampant in this industry? Scaling by way of…

Ripping someone else off.

Promoting a version of yourself that isn’t the truth.

Stressing & comparing your way there.

You’re better than that.

And my job is to make sure that your stuff is so good they of course try to copy you… and you still don’t mind because “they can have the old stuff

Onwards and upwards… you are the undeniable leading VOICE of impact in your space.

There’s a ton of yelling in online business these days:


When you unlock your voice and allow yourself to express… I promise, people SEE you...


This kind of growth doesn’t come from optimizing followers-to-like count on Instagram…

From plug and play templates, scripts or repurposing on every single social platform, or “posting every day”...

ORGANIC growth that lasts and FEELS GOOD is about giving yourself the space to create your own ideas, share them with intention and strategy, create irresistible experiences for people that you KNOW how to market, and go deep with them through leveling up your VOICE.


Heart-led, mission-driven personal brands, coaches, mentors, leaders, healers, guides, online service-based or brick and mortar businesses that desire a BRAVE & FEMININE approach to leadership and business success.

This course is particularly for anyone who considers themselves a LEADER: your actions affect others and you desire to influence them in a positive way. You hold a vision for your life, for your clients, for the world, that does not yet exist – you are one of the crazy ones who takes action and believes WITHOUT evidence.

You may be the manager at a startup firm, a therapist dreaming of creating a personal brand with coaching courses, or a 7 figure mentor looking to take your movement to the next level…



Immediate access to 8+ hours of business & leadership training:

✦ Engaging & growing audience thru magnetic copy & video: how we 5xed our audience organically & 10x year over year revenue with a “small following”

✦ Sold out via social: captivating messaging, brand building and copy that converts: consistent multiples 6 figure months organically without sales calls or pain point marketing.

✦ Company CULTURE: leadership excellence, brave communication so everyone wins, team building and CEO leadership, creating high retention with customers and employees [gold].

✦ Standout branding, mindset & embodiment of your 7+ figure voice: clarity, conviction & confidence that attracts and amplifies your depth of connection with your audience, so your community grows, people put you on their vision board and enroll to work with you.

Lifetime access to recordings.



Get immediate access to VOICE now!

*All sales are final. No refunds associated with purchase of digital courses*


Get VOICE, PLUS every other premium course and upcoming coaching experience for a YEAR, plus hands on customized mentorship with Shoshanna...


Hi, I'm Shoshanna!

I’m a holistic life, business, love & leadership mentor for the most epic women on this planet. I consider myself a power amplifier and idea doula for heart-centered visionaries.

Living Brave began in 2019 as a shame-slaying podcast where I publicly disclosed my positive HSV status and had conversations with other leaders about breaking free of stigma, standing up to the status quo and paving your own path of vulnerable, authentic leadership and limitless potential that exists on the other side of a courageous leap of faith.

The platform QUICKLY expanded into a community of thousands, sold-out international retreats and booked out signature coaching programs. We grew from a 1-woman show to a multi $7 figure/year+ business & a global team in less than three years.

I’m in love with my work in supporting brave, paradigm-shifting women in expanding their impact & blasting through income goals by leading a brand & a community that feels like an extension of their heart.

Excited to meet you <3


Voice is more about clarifying your movement/mission/culture & amplifying your influence (community building, communication skills, & elevating your personal power)!

These 8+ hours of modules and training are incredible for leadership development and a must for team building, as well as elevated interpersonal skills! Scaling with this would have SAVED me so so so much time and energy limbo.. I created just when we were about to hit $2M

Storytelling Mastery is a deep dive in the HOW of writing COMPELLING AF content, style, flow, delivery structure of storytelling as well as the energetics & mindset of sharing stories, different types of stories that you need to use in your business, and dialed in feedback on the positioning of this type of marketing to see results!

They are actually AMAZING together.

Both will help you get LIT UP and inspired, get rid of writer’s block and not only engage your audience but GROW it. X

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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