Welcome, beautiful!

It’s time to throw out all of your remaining shame, scarcity and fear around money. 

Your mission here is too big. 

Your legacy too important. 

Your voice too powerful, not to embrace FULL freedom of expression & self-empowerment, REQUIRING your financial liberation. 

If you want to extend & amplify your impact, you need to open the gates for more resources & wealth to flood into your business.

 You need to know how to be the boss around money. 

To create comfort, stability, know-how, ease and JOY around the rich & fully expressed version of YOU.

It’s time to elevate to your next level of wealth leadership & plug into a new possibility of your financial future. 

It’s my life’s mission to offer heart-centered womxn not only the money leadership activations, but the grounded and practical financial education around wealth building, investing, saving, debt & expansive money habits. 

NOW more than ever we need you to heal your relationship with money AND gain the tangible money mastery skills, so that you can implement them into your business strategy and sales ceremony, and create exponential wealth.

Welcome to the portal.

Where queens come to scrap the corporate mentality  of climbing the ladder & trading time for money… Hoarding wealth & creating patterns of relating to money from a place of unconsciousness. 

The old model, where the generational wealth amplifies and everyone else steers clear of the pursuit of abundance & freedom through wealth consciousness and mastery, IS OVER.

I grew up in a middle class family, daughter of two struggling entrepreneurs. 

My friends had private planes and multiple homes.

I felt poor. 

Most of my life was spent in shame, envy & judgment of wealth.

I’m grateful for my money history. I have my privileges.

AND I decided to break the mold for what was supposed to happen for me. 

I quit the corporate consulting world in 2015 ($0 in savings), and with it, the mentality that I had to work my way up from the bottom, watching those I knew use their connections to skip to the front of the line. 

I traveled the world as a digital nomad, never making more than a few thousand a month, without a rigid budget and spending freely on what lit me up. 

I had 6-figures in the bank in less than four years. 

In 2020, I decided to embrace wealth principles outside of my background expertise in financial education & investing, including the energetics & leadership of wealth building. 

I infused this all into my business, created a sales ceremony and business structure around it, and created $300k in revenue in 9 months. 

I’m here to help you do it your way.

If you’re feeling resistance, good.

That’s my job. 

I’m here to guide you through a deep & potentially triggered inner journey REQUIRED for your experience of massive money breakthroughs.

As a member of the Wealthy, Worthy Womxn, you get: 


How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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