6 weeks to magnetic confidence, feminine empowerment & brave action 

welcome home

Here’s my promise to you. I will never buy into the stories as to why you can’t have everything you desire. 

Wealth. Power. Freedom. Love. Confidence. Community. 

I’m not worried about your current situation. I won’t poke at your pain points – I’m speaking straight to your power. 

I see you in your wildest dreams. Not in 20 years, not in 10 years, not even in 5 years. It happens when you decide it happens. 

What you seek is seeking you. 

Are you brave enough to answer the call and do what it takes? 

I want you to stop your scroll, sit up tall, roll your shoulders back, take a deep breathe and get in the room with me. 

You can leave any excuses & limiting beliefs tied to a small, “safe” version of you at the door. 

Becoming Brave starts now. 

You’re right on time.

The recipe for a fuck yes life.

Magnetic confidence, feminine empowerment & brave action.

Becoming Brave is everything that’s elevated Living Brave from $0 to over 7 figures organically in 1.5 years. 

It’s everything that’s allowed me to walk gracefully through my life’s biggest initiations….  herpes, heartbreak, haters… my greatest fears. 

It’s packed with the principles that have supported my clients who leave our time together “dripping in gold” with confidence, 10xing their income, radically transforming their romantic & personal lives, ascending as the whole woman. 

The result of Becoming Brave? Anchored self-knowing & self-trust that no one can take from you. 

The soul contract that you will never, ever abandon yourself. 

Bravery that backs empires, attracts love, and creates a peace and stability most people never experience. 

The presence when you walk into a room that turns heads and sparks interest.

Less effort, more ease. 

The bravery to let go.

The courage to evolve. 

The power to radically shift your life.

Becoming Brave is for you if you're...

🔥 Craving mentorship with a coach who emboldens you to break the rules, challenges you, offers powerful reflection, sees your blindspots & mirrors back solutions & guidance. 

🔥 Committed to your growth & evolution, heart-centered, here to play big and join a community of women on the same page who become sisters for life

🔥 Here to TRANSFORM, to shed old identities, to get out of your own way, dismantle shame, stigma, doubt & fear and radically shift the trajectory of your life

🔥 Ready to take BOLD action NOW big enough to create the change you want to see. You may feel “stretched” by investments in yourself (it’s always equal parts exciting and equal parts scary, and you understand that), but ultimately, you take radical personal ownership of where your life is going. 

🔥 You’re not looking for someone to “fix you.” You’ve uncovered many of your blocks, you see your patterns, you know what’s in your way…

🔥 You’re ready to move past healing, into expansion, overflow & massive impact.

🔥 You’d rather go on this journey with support that matches your fire, collapse time, and have FUN in community, with a coach who holds you high no matter what.

Congratulations. I’m so happy we found each other.

Phoenix Rising. 

Woman with a plan. 

Unwilling to compromise. 

Not available to settle. 

Here for the extraordinary. 

Open to receiving miracles. 

Brave enough to go first.

To pay in before it pays out. 

To live a story worth telling. 

So that she can become a walking permission slip for the next woman. 

Breaking ancestral patterns, quantum leaping past her old goals…

Showing, rather than needing to prove, that she’s a force to be reckoned with. 

Imagine getting in the room with a group of women like this?

Instant calibration.

Money Leadership & Wealth Energetics

Ascend to higher levels of wealth consciousness, with decolonized manifestation & energetic alignment principles, frameworks, practices & tools to serve you as you release money blocks. Exploring pleasure, safety, embodiment and mindset as it relates to money – unlocking breakthroughs that serve your personal relationships, money patterns and business sustainability. 

This module has revolutionized clients’ relationship to money and set them off to have a deeper understanding of not just their money relationship, but that with their family, partner, clients, and community. We go deeper than money mindset into financial liberation, empowerment, sustainability and liberation. 

Wealth Building & Conscious Investing

It’s one thing to make money, it’s another thing to make it work for you. Learn wealth building principles that will serve you for life. I pull on my background in finance & markets journalism to teach personalized investing strategy, savings, debt & spending from a unique vantage point. 

Know where & when to put your money based on your unique situation and goals. Shift your harmful (& many unconscious) money habits into successful wealth building practices. 

(Likely broken up into two modules for a deep dive into INVESTING – crypto, real estate, markets, stocks, WTH is an ETF, types of investments, risk, etc)

Worth, Wealth & Sacred Sales in Business

Integrate your money leadership & wealth expansion tools & principles into your business. Learn how to make CEO-level decisions & create a sacred sales ceremony that stops the “chase” for new leads and creates an easeful flow of dream clients who can’t wait to pay you. Get my personalized coaching on pricing, sales & money strategy for your next level of business. 

Ground it all down into your business practices. Access key energetic upgrades that will eliminate the possibility of burnout & save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long game. Step into your emboldened feminine leadership. 

Becoming Brave

$ 2222
  • 6 weekly 90-minute potent group training & coaching sessions that you can come back and experience over & over.
  • Live & recorded guest coaches & experts: sexuality, self-love, dating & embodiment... Women who’ve turned pain to purpose & shame into power
  • Private Community of empowered women from around the world to lean in on at any time. Ask questions, collaborate, receive feedback & build deep relationships.
  • Weekly take home opportunities to accelerate your transformation, take action on the material & support you in experiencing the results right away.
  • A smaller goddess pod for an added layer of connection & accountability that become sisters for life.
  • Early bird bonuses include access to Storytelling Mastery (a 3 part course valued at $500)

[2 spots remain] Becoming Brave VIP

$ 8888
  • Everything in Becoming Brave
  • Three private coaching sessions with Shoshanna to tailor every aspect of the curriculum to you
  • 6 weeks of the highest level direct access to mentorship with Shosh Mon-Fri via Voxer, offering personalized feedback & high-touch support.
  • Opportunity to use this time with Shosh to dive deep into the material and or realms not covered in depth in Becoming Brave
  • Jump to the front of the 1-1 waitlist, receive VIP bonuses (trainings & courses in your Vault) and get early access/special pricing for new offerings.

Payment plans available by request –


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Quantum Wealth Activation was created out of a clear gap in the business coaching space for entrepreneurs at all levels, from pre-launching your first offer to the 7-figure mark. 

This content will upgrade your wealth consciousness & support you to step into money leadership, an asset for a woman at any stage.

In terms of your money mindset, wealth embodiment, investing & grounded shifts to your relationship with money, while you may all be working with different numbers, the teachings in this program will be relevant for all and serve you for years. Please don’t wait until you have a certain amount of money to scramble to learn what to do with it. Please don’t wait until you reach a financial milestone to learn about the financial healing journey, in which bigger results actually trigger scarcity & stress responses <3 Let’s set you up to win. 

As for grounding money leadership & wealth expansion principles down into best practices in business, my sacred sales training & wealth energetics teachings should be returned to again and again as you grow your business. 

Quantum Wealth Activation is for the woman who’s ready to shatter old money stories and include her full financial liberation in the self-empowerment journey that she’s already on. 

You must be open to see things differently & pioneer a new way of being as an abundant, brave & bold women. 

While Module 3 is geared towards entrepreneurs, the teachings themselves can be applied to all aspects of life you seek growth in, and will be helpful to women in more traditional roles from freelancers to corporate bosses. 

There will be space for group coaching on our group calls, as well as in the private community, where you are encouraged to voice your questions and get personalized feedback. That said, for those called to high-touch 1-1 support, that extra injection of momentum and tailored mentorship, and is ALL IN to dial up and quantum leap in 2021, signing on for the VIP option is highly recommended. This is also the most accessible way to work privately with Shoshanna. The investment for an 8-week 1-1 coaching intensive is currently $10k.


Empowered Business Accelerator


Empowered Business Accelerator


Empowered Business Accelerator

Coaching with Shoshanna was exactly what I needed to launch with total faith and success. I filled two group coaching programs in under 2 weeks. I got clear on my why and how to show up powerfully online. The biggest thing it taught me was to know my worth… The value is priceless.
Jaime Moar
By the end of Quantum Wealth, I signed 3 clients in about a week's time! So it more than paid for itself, even with the VIP option I chose. A few takeaways: Trusting myself, stepping into magneticism and higher level energetics, build of momentum in my business, feeling SO supported and held. I'd just left my full time just WEEKS before!
Kimberly Irving
THE ACTIVATION. Just being in this container activated so many shifts in my life. The simple act of spending money towards a leap, putting energy towards a vision that I know is there, and having a support group and a coach beside me for support, is EVERYTHING. I had so many profound realizations about my relationship to money and my relationships in general. I had so many breakthroughs coaching with Living Brave and I'm so grateful.
Brooke Nally

Hi! I'm Shoshanna

I help heart-centered women claim their power, step into feminine leadership & quantum leap in their businesses. My approach is anchored in authentic self-expression & grounded strategy.

In 2015, I traded corporate consulting for a one-way ticket to India. After a yoga teacher training, 30+ countries, and a successful career in journalism, I launched the Living Brave podcast.

The platform expanded into a community of thousands, sold-out international retreats and signature coaching programs. In line with my mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, I speak openly about HSV and encourage others to use vulnerability as a super-power.

With a background in business & finance alongside yoga and mindfulness, a love for adventure, a knack for speaking and community building, and a track record of success in launching and scaling businesses, I’m here to help the purpose-driven women wake up every day ecstatic and proud of the life she’s leading.

Excited to meet you <3

For the woman who trusts her desires.

Becoming brave

Nothing changes until you leap.

I want you to take a moment and imagine what would it feel like to be radiantly, unapologetically expressed. To be desired, pursued, head-turning in your confidence.  
To stop saying “I wish I was brave enough” to shine your brightest. To stop making excuses as to why she has the thriving relationship, business & sisterhood, and you can’t. To coast at “good enough” while others quantum leap. 

You’re better than “one day.” 

In the end, will you thank yourself for stowing away cash for retirement, the home upgrade, the next biz training?

Or feel an ease in your heart that you gave it your absolute all to have the best ride of your life, to become the fullest & most brilliant expression of yourself?

I can confidently tell you that the principles I teach & coach on in this course are the reason I run a successful podcast, sold out retreats, coaching programs that deliver amazing results & a multiple six figure+/month business that I launched not even 1.5 years ago… run without paid ads, primarily by referral, as I get paid to be myself.

This experience will transform your life. 

But it won’t do the work for you. 

You’re the one who clicks the button. 

You’re the one who leans in. 

You go first. And that’s the magic of it.

You are rewarded when you invest in yourself. Not only in money continuing to flow into you, but in the multi-dimensional ROI of an experience like this. 

The new standards & boundaries for your life, the timeless know-how for relationship, business & personal expansion, the connections that lead you to places you never imagined.

I know if you’ve made it to this part of the page, you’re feeling those butterflies telling you to take the leap. 

I also know the “practical” mind wants to come in & talk you out of what your heart desires.

Here’s the truth. 

What’s practical was made up by people who are’t as brave as you. 

No ones going to give you a permission slip to break the rules, take the leap & live life on your own terms.

I’m here to help you get to a place where the only thing you can’t afford is your own excuses. 

Remember, it pays to be brave.

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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