The 12 Month Inner-Circle, All-Access Transformational Business Coaching Mastermind with 8-Figure Feminine Business & Leadership Mentor, Shoshanna Raven



It's only a matter of time.

hey you

shame-slaying, unconventional quantum-leaping unicorn...

The traditional "business mastermind" wasn't made for a dynamic woman like you.

Tap into a Vortex of infinite possibility by surrounding yourself with other free-spirited, truly innovative female entrepreneurs, break the traditional business "rules" and replace dry formulas for an organic, energetically-sound strategy for business and LIFE.

Designed for women, proven to build not only wealth in income, but a happy, fulfilled, expressed and successful life... for the creative, multi-passionate heart.

If you're at a place in your journey where you know you're destined to fly...


The Vortex is a rich, ever-evolving, multi-dimensional transformational experience, just like the women who join it.

We don't do dry one size fits all formulas, because your greatest asset is your unique standout.

Inside the Vortex, we'll amplify your strengths and put them to use, while releasing the things you've been carrying and the strategies you've been taught that have weighed you down.

We say "sexy" instead of "sorry" and we actually flipping love and elevate one another.

We see your business as one aspect of your entire life, unable to be compartmentalized. We're WOMEN after all! When you soar, your business gets to benefit, your love life gets to blossom, your community gets to flourish, and every facet of your life gets to support one another.

Inside The Vortex, you'll be empowered to build real world wealth from the inside out -

...whether that's allowing for you to buy that house for your parents, have the leisure of making pancakes for your kids while getting Stripe pings on your phone, or learn how to be the prize in love again as you slay it as the CEO of your company.

Between weekly mentorship on the WHOLE woman as you scale your business chill-rocketship style, quarterly deep dive Masterminds, a transformational in person conference and Vortex-only Mastermind in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, all new live programs, our binge-able and overflowing signature course Vault, sisters for a lifetime and an exclusive invite-only community of established female entrepreneurs revolutionizing their spaces...

Buckle up for the ride of your life 😉

Straight from inside the Living Brave world...

"I was really ready for a rebirth in my business and Shosh has given me so much more. She's a mentor that really, truly sees you. I've never felt so excited or enlivened by my business since working with Shosh!"


"I made my investment back 3x in 1 call! Shoshanna's this playful fairy and at the same time so wise. She can work with you at every level, whether you're getting started or making millions. She sees your message, and it is priceless!"


"You think you can see the biggest you can ever be - then you get a 1-1 with Shosh and get your mind absolutely blown. In her containers, you have no choice but to f*cking rise. Within 2 weeks of this mastermind, I have a brand new business! 10/10 I always get my investment back with Shosh!"


"Before I started working with Shoshanna, I was on track for a million dollar cash year. When I told her we were $100k away from $1M, she said, "Oh, you can make that in a week!" I signed up with her, and less than a month later, we had our first $100k week!"


Inside the Inner Circle All-Access, Transformational Business Mastermind, you'll be led by Shoshanna Raven (me!)

Founder of the 8 figure women's coaching empire and the shame slaying Living Brave movement.

I created THE VORTEX for the woman who knows that "Chill Rocketship" style rapid growth in business, leadership & love (side by side) happens for the fully expressed and integrated woman…

The one who leads with heart and truth, who attracts, casts the vision and takes intentional strategic action, turns shame into power, who oozes femininity: softness AND strength, grows an appetite for fear, immerses herself in sisterhood, empowers herself with MONEY, embodies wealth from the inside out, tells stories they can't help but listen to, sells with joy and conviction, frees her most edgy and authentic message, and allows herself to feel good as she scales her purpose-led business alongside a beautiful life she's proud of.

"My first course launch brought in $70k!"

"My time with Living Brave started in 2021, and I was really nervous about it. I didn't see anybody in her messaging at the time that looked like me. I voiced my fears with Shoshanna and she sent contacts of people who I could connect with. I saw that Shosh is the kind of coach that someone would vouch for!

After I joined her mastermind, Shosh helped me to create complete plan that really gave me the confidence boost I needed at the time. I was a nurse who left the industry and wanted to help other nurses leave stressful toxic work situations. My first course launch brought in $70k! I’m currently in The Vortex and I’ve started a program where I help nurses invest and raise $300k for nurses to invest in real estate. Since joining Living Brave, I’ve also found my partner, my twin flame and we are now working together and live together!"


I promise, there's another way.

If you're done with the "one way" to multi millions that all the mass market business courses sell...

the bro marketing, pain points and shady, time consuming tactics that make you cringe... the super clunky and complex strategies and funnels that make your head spin and cut off your magic, the experts that tell you to "niche down" and climb your way to the top...

If 80-95%+ profit margins on a multi-7 figure business with a lean team and a super simple, effective, energetically-sound, attraction-based strategy that drives cash flow, your peace of mind and artistic spirit, feels DELISH to you...

If the idea of focusing on ONE thing, one offer, one topic, or inputting your life's work into a one-size fits all formula makes you feel bleh.. but on the other hand, clients who don't even need a sales page or sales call, but rather work with you BECAUSE you can't be "figured out" and are constantly in evolution excites you...

More mind-blowing results...

"I'm having WAY more fun working far less in my business than ever before. Just in 2 months [of working with Shoshanna], we're just $10k shy of our highest month ever! My organic business has TRIPLED since joining the Living Brave world!"


"Shoshanna helped me find my way back home to ME. I still can't even believe that I went from a near $0 failed launch to a $50,000 launch RIGHT AFTER joining the Mastermind."


"It made no sense to invest in coaching during my 3rd trimester, but I felt called to join the Living Brave world. I made $50k right away and it paid for my maternity leave. But the best part was on maternity leave I brought in another $60k and had our best year to date, working 3 days a week!"


"When I say that I've 10xed my business, I actually mean it. I was making around $600-$800 a month, and now I'm making $6k-$8k per month!"


You can grow a wildly successful 6-8 figure business ORGaNICALLY, WITHOUT BURNING YOURSELF OUT, OR DILUTING YOURSELF WITH TEDIOUS, overcomplicated, and RIGID STRATEGIES THAT SIMPLY AREN'T suitable or SUSTAINABLE FOR MULTI-PASSIONATE, FEMININE WOMEN that needs to embody her message and live her best life to FEEL WEALTHY INSIDE, too.

No, you don't have to be in "launch mode" all the time.

I'll teach you how to shift out of the never-ending promotion cycle and multiply your recurring revenue so you can chill out and let your simple business model, brand assets, and intentional, streamlined systems do the work for you. (psst LaunchPad + SCALED will help you with this!)

No, it doesn't matter if you can't describe what you do.

Welcome to the world of feminine embodiment! Your problem is you're still trying to box yourself in, you're stuck in your head, and you haven't tied it all together with one BIG IDEA that drives your movement. (psst VOICE, Brave AF + Storytelling Mastery will help you slay these dragons.)

No, it doesn't matter if you do healing, or non-business and money related work.

I'll help you get over this limiting belief... or just watch my testimonials of countless 6-7 figure clients outside of the business and money-making space who prove you wrong! (pssst The Empowered Business Accelerator is the program for this.)

No, you don't have to be super organized and professional looking.

If you are, however, CONGRATS! I'm a type B, former nomadic hippie backpacker, evolving my identity and style by the day - and I built my business to 6 figures wearing gym clothes and talking into my iPhone on long walks. People still comment on my "messy" IG feed and style.. and then pay me thousands of dollars for my expert advice! (pssst SCALED will help you with the organization that IS required to serve more people, The Chill Rocketship will help you EMBRACE true flow and ease as an unconventional CEO!)

No, you don't need a big social media presence or for your content to go viral.

While it's true that many of my clients come to me with 100k+ followers, and it's a cherry on top, audience size is a small piece of the success pie. I celebrated my first 7 figures with just 5k IG followers, made $5M with an email list below 2k, and didn't have a "viral" post until millions later (is 100k viral? if not I'm still waiting!) (inside Vortex, we teach business growth and income/impact generation, vs. influencer strategies that get you likes, but not pay ;))

No, it doesn't matter if you're still healing, or you feel your story or life isn't unique or big enough...

OR you're still shamed by it or have a hard time being vulnerable and brave. Welcome to being a human! Sisterhood and connection will change your life. Inside Vortex, you'll get around successful women of all walks of life and learn you are more the same than you think. This heals and stabilizes your nervous system more than years of talk therapy. (Plus, Becoming Brave and Symbiosis will help you master the inner game, dismantle inner conflict and set you on a path of deep healing into RADIANT CONFIDENCE and personal power).

No, you don't need to have the fanciest branding ever.

You don't need the nicest photos and expensive style to attract your dream clients (and dream men). But if you do, BRAVOOOO! If it makes you FEEL good, good! But I'm here to tell you that when my designer is busy, I often throw together IG stories with grainy photos and have the same exact results (pssst Femme Rising will teach you desire led living, dripping in gold feminine essence & magnetism that out-does all aesthetic upgrades. I've sold out MANY programs without a sales page, and revamped our design only YEARS into my business, and millions in sales later... it's the VIBE mixed with the art of seduction and positioning, which are learned SKILLS.)

No, it doesn't matter if you're not a "salesperson" or have an aversion to sales.

I understand. We're going to ditch outdated and pushy sales tactics, learn how to eliminate sales calls and clunky sales systems altogether, and learn attraction-based strategies that actually feel good and save your time and soul. When it comes to money, I got you. I started nerding out about finance and investing over a decade ago, and have gone from $0 to my name to multi-millions (in the bank) in that time. (pssst Worthy Wealthy Woman, Femme Sales/Ca$h Out AND Quantum Wealth will help you gain FINANCIAL LITERACY and become the best saleswoman ever).

No, it doesn't matter if you aren't (yet) high vibe and happy and sensually expressed to the degree of other leaders you admire.

But wouldn't it be awesome to learn how to increase your baseline for joy and pleasure? When you're doing work that inspires you in a way that aligns with your authentic energy, it feels less like "work" at all! I help my clients align to their true zone of genius and fall back in love with the process of creating. "People have asked me what I've been TAKING lately," my clients report. It's not drugs, it's Living Brave. (pssst: You'll get access to the SHE and Rapture & Riches programs, which help you ask for and GET what you want with Men & Money)

And lastly, NO, you don't need a big team or to make your entire life about business.....

I grew Living Brave essentially on my OWN to the million dollar mark while still having a thriving life... At consistent multiple 6 figure to 7 figure cash months, we still have a very small team of the visionary (me), independent contractors, and 1-2 rockstar employees... which means we take HOME most of what we earn and teach you how to do the same.

"Right after I joined The Vortex I 2xed my monthly cash and I had my highest cash month, and then after five more months, doubled that!"

"It has been so transformative, healing, and empowering working with Shoshana and being a part of the Living Brave community. When I first stumbled upon Shosh’s profile on Instagram, I was going through a heartbreak. I had some success in my business, but it wasn't exactly what I desired it to be, and I was not enjoying life to the fullest and not showing up as the full, true, bold human that I am. She's truly changed my life; Shoshanna taught me how to be turned on by life, how to build trust within myself, and how to become an empowered, powerful, strong, independent, and feminine AF women.

I know that this is just the beginning. The level of support I received from this community of Living Brave is something I've never seen anywhere else. The connection, the community, and the sisterhood absolutely changed my life. I cannot recommend Shoshanna enough!"


Marketing Expert & Social Media Growth Strategist

"Within one week of joining Vortex, I had a $25k week, the biggest week I've ever had in my business!"

Before I joined the Living Brave world (The Club), my business was doing well and things were going ok. I was feeling pretty solid, but I also just felt really scared, unsafe and had so many money stories that made me feel stressed out and so overwhelmed. After joining, I had a total shift in the way that I approached my business, the way I approached life, spoke to people, and everything started to flow so much more easily. I was showing up in my authentic energy, and clients started just flowing to me.

I finally made the leap to join The Vortex at the end of last year. I sold out all of my 1 to 1 spots, I had three posts go viral on Instagram which doubled my audience my following. And since then, my business has just been expanding, expanding, expanding, it has been huge. I hired a new team member and I'm launching two new offerings!


Sound Healer, Premium Healing Bowls Business Owner

"I tripled my revenue, I launched my first retreat, and sold it out!"

"I first joined Shosh’s world with EBA, and I had great success there. Shortly after that, I joined her mastermind, and that's really where I started to evolve. Not just my business really started to take off, but I also started to really evolve as a leader and as an entrepreneur. I grew my social media following, and I really honed in on my messaging and in my brand.

Shoshanna also really encouraged me to shine my unique light in the area of grief and loss coaching. She really helped me honor my truth and shine my light in a space where it didn't always feel very welcomed. Yes, I got the results I wanted, but working with Shosh for me was more about how she coached me into up-leveling myself as a holistic human being, able to hold X amount of people in my containers, to holding nearly 300k followers on social media. I can now see my own limitless potential and believe anything in life is possible if you just get out of your own fucking way! THAT is the Living Brave way."


Grief & Purpose Coach, Thought Leader

...will teach you the Living Brave way to master the art of feminine business and fall in love with the whole picture of your life...

So you can get paid millions to be YOURSELF, come home to your core confidence and gain a truly heart-centered & innovative approach to thriving as the WHOLE woman that actually WORKS long-term, with less effort, by allowing yourself to channel your natural strengths, and stretch your capacity to feel good and have fun again.

Get everything you wanted, plus what you didn't know you needed.

You come for the results and the revenue, you stay for the feeling and the family.

A year of mentorship + expansion with


All access ticket + front row seat to live mentorship with me and the inner circle team at Living Brave

& FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST OF PRIVATE MENTORSHIP (which starts at a six-figure investment).

Your year of mentorship and expansion with Living Brave includes…

biweekly Hot-seat Mastermind Coaching with Shoshanna + BONUSES

24 (2x monthly for a year) mastermind coaching sessions led by Shosh to get personalized support. Plus additional bonuses from Shosh like monthly book clubs with coaching (12x for a year), exclusive trainings and pop ups when she desires!

Every month, we’ll gather for Q+A sessions where you have the opportunity to get Shosh’s guidance, mentorship, and wisdom DIRECTLY on your business. These sessions are generally focused on the energetics of feminine business, marketing and leadership, quantum leaping, magnetic content, offer creation, scaling, launching, team, and so much more!


Quarterly High-Touch Vortex- Only Masterminds

4x week-long virtual (and one in-person!!) deep dive immersions with the Vortex community, led by Shoshanna

When you thought bi-weekly personalized coaching with Shosh was amazing, get ready for these extended mastermind intensives every quarter! These are creatively designed for intimacy, connection, high end, high touch support from Shosh and the Living Brave community to help you deepen and expand in your business like never before. You'll have a chance to break out in SMALL groups and form deep bonds with the Vortex family.



24 (2x monthly for a year) connection, networking, embodiment, accountability & implementation calls with trained Living Brave support coach & head of sisterhood magic!

Gather with the incredible women inside the Vortex to study, implement and apply the abundant course material to see quick WINS and anchor in the teachings through accountability and action. We’ll also do breakout rooms and facilitated networking to leverage the community, make lifelong connections and compound results through collaboration.



LIVE Vortex-only Mastermind on 8/29 in Denver, Colorado

New this year, we’re adding a VERY SPECIAL BONUS: a full day of hands on hot seat coaching with Shoshanna and immersive group masterminding in the Rocky Mountains




The Best Community & Sisterhood on the Internet

A private community of powerhouse members from around the world to lean in for celebration, support, sisterhood, feedback, guidance… to go deeper on the material with, collaborate with, team up... & blast off to outer space together.

NOT TO MENTION... Bonus guest coaches, speakers, surprises…

& Special rates & early access to retreats/higher level offers


(actually priceless)

A Full Year Access to Our Daily Coaching Membership, The Club

A living breathing current of endless inspiration and connection with powerhouse leaders who want to see you win, too.

Includes daily coaching from Shoshanna, a badass community of shame-slaying leaders, and monthly themes centered around feminine leadership and business growth; all inside a private Telegram chat + private podcast.


When you thought we were done...

You also get an ALL-ACCESS ticket to the entire Vortex Vault.

...aka EVERY. SINGLE. PROGRAM. I've ever created. At your fingertips! Not to mention, EVERY new program I run this year!!

WELL OVER 100+ hours of content to replace your Netflix binge sessions with teachings on attraction-based business, feminine lifestyle, shame-slaying, wealth building, scaling up, love and relationships, and more!

The Masterclass Vault ($10k value)

The Program Vault ($30k value)

✔︎ WEEKLY Hot Seat Mastermind Coaching with Shoshanna and the Living Brave Team ($54K VALUE)

✔︎ Quarterly High-Touch Vortex-Only Masterminds, LIVE in person VORTEX DAY and a ticket to Living Brave LIVE in Colorado ($55K+ VALUE)

✔︎ The Best Sisterhood + Private Community on the Internet ($12K VALUE - actually priceless)

✔︎ An ALL-ACCESS Pass to the Entire Vortex Vault AND Every New Program This Year ($40K+ VALUE)




Your Investment

Go Yearly


GET THE LIMITED-TIME Pay In Full BONUS: 1-1 Deep Dive Coaching Session with Shoshanna ($7.5k value, for free)

Plus $3k off your total investment for investing up front in your year!

✔︎ 24x Hotseat Mastermind Coaching Sessions with Shoshanna ($36K VALUE)

✔︎ 24x Q+A, Sisterhood, and Accountability Sessions with The Living Brave Team ($18K VALUE)

✔︎ Quarterly High-Touch Vortex-Only Masterminds ($45K VALUE)

✔︎ A FREE Ticket to our FIRST EVER In-Person Mastermind in Denver, CO this August! (PRICELESS)

✔︎ The Best Sisterhood on the Internet (12K VALUE)

✔︎ An ALL-ACCESS Pass to the Entire Vortex Vault AND Every New Program This Year ($40K+ VALUE)

$160K VALUE FOR ONLY $22,000 PIF

Go Monthly

$5997 your first month to unlock full access and then just $1,597/month for 11 months!

***Stay beyond 12 months with us as an alumni for just $1k/mo!

✔︎ 24x Hotseat Mastermind Coaching Sessions with Shoshanna ($36K VALUE)

✔︎ 24x Q+A, Sisterhood, and Accountability Sessions with The Living Brave Team ($18K VALUE)

✔︎ Quarterly High-Touch Vortex-Only Masterminds ($45K VALUE)

✔︎ A FREE Ticket to our FIRST EVER In-Person Mastermind in Denver, CO this August! (PRICELESS)

✔︎ The Best Sisterhood on the Internet (12K VALUE)

✔︎ An ALL-ACCESS Pass to the Entire Vortex Vault AND Every New Program This Year ($40K+ VALUE)

$160k value for onlY $5997 + $1597/mo

In the Vortex, you're family, and you get THE WORKS.

Once you see what's inside, you can't unsee it. Joining the Vortex is designed to be an identity shift, a brave leap, and a boss decision to pour into yourself and your future. If you're looking for something small, safe or "cheap" please stop reading 😉 We go one year at a time and offer alumni years and perks for our long-time clients.

The Vortex is a gift to yourself that pays back for the rest of your life. The long-term nature of the Mastermind offers you the spaciousness required to dive into every dimension of your growth, and have a home base as you navigate life's seasons, play, experiment and tap in whenever you desire to rock and roll.

At Living Brave, we’ve grown a MILLION dollar sales per month business, organically, by breaking the traditional industry rules.

Inside the Vortex, when you show up to the abundance of live calls and masterminds, me, the Vortex family and my trained team get to know YOU as a person and as a leader, offering the ability to customize our strategies and support you in your unique goals. Each program contains a KEY to your success.

As I continually reinvest in myself, learn, grow and experiment, I take my inner circle behind the scenes with me and share what's working, what we're trying and how you can implement in your business.

"My company just generated the abundance it usually does in 10 months, in ONE MONTH!"

“Living Brave feels like plugging into a completely new energy and instantly helped me calibrate to my next level. Shoshanna has really been a permission slip for me. In less than eight weeks, I feel the best I've ever felt in my business, and I’m surrounded by fantastic clients who feel like family. My company just generated the abundance it usually does in 10 months, in ONE MONTH! So of course, that feels like the most amazing cherry on top!”


"Shoshanna is so loving, so nourishing, but she's also a firecracker and she will keep you on your toes reminding you of your greatness"

“When I found Shoshanna, I was going through a pretty significant income dip and her podcast was exactly what I needed to really regain my fire. I ended up joining Money March, and I had a HUGE month. I had gone from my income dip (less than $1k), back to a $10k month. I continued to accelerate my income throughout all of 2023, when I joined the Vortex! I had my first $30k cash month after joining, and I entered 2024 with over $100k worth of clients and recurring payments for the year. Shoshanna is so loving, so nourishing, but she's also a firecracker and she will keep you on your toes reminding you of your greatness; every single day. I could not be more grateful for this community!”


"I made more in two months in The Vortex than I did in all of the year prior."

“I first entered the Living Brave world last year during Money March, and joined The Vortex last November. Being in the Vortex community has been so beneficial. Get yourself into the room with these amazing human beings and you are going to skyrocket. It doesn't take long to feel the shift happening and it is an experience like no other.”


Meet Shoshanna!

Shoshanna Raven is a holistic lifestyle, business, leadership, and love coach for heart-led visionaries and female entrepreneurs. Specifically, she works with personal brands & community-centric businesses, helping them take off & scale to global impact.

As a shame slayer, Shoshanna speaks openly about taboos - sex money power - to liberate the TRUTH. She launched her podcast Living Brave in 2019, where she opened up about her herpes status, in hopes to break shame and stigma culture, inspire authentic connection and liberate listeners to access their own personal power.

What began as a one-woman show with no intention to monetize grew organically to a multi-million dollar a year business in just two years! Shoshanna has now worked with thousands of clients around the world, hosted sold-out global retreats, and runs a rockstar team. 🧡

She’s on a mission to slay shame, tell the truth, and unlock your limitless potential through brave leadership… learning to walk with fear and open to the magical mystery of this wild human experience.

My PURPOSE is to guide & direct you with fierce love and truth, focus and embodied skill in the magical space between...


Ahhhh.... The Void.

The most tender, alive, limitless place to be.

This is where mentorship, coaching, skills, tools & training, and the *right* community MAKES OR BREAKS a visionary woman.

How might your life be different if you focused on growth as the whole woman and left no stone unturned?

Learned how to lead at a higher level of bravery, confidence, unapologetic expression and magnetic, BRAVE AF feminine power?

With an advanced, seasoned coach with thousands of success stories as your guide?

Instant access to a thriving, vetted network that understands business strategy is just ONE piece of the puzzle?

Customized solutions for YOUR specific strengths and goals?

How might things change if you knew you were held, seen, supported, and celebrated every step of the way by a community and a mentor who'll also ask you to throw out the old school playbook and the word "practical"...

Who stretch you to GO BIGGER? When's the last time you were the small fish in the room?


The Vortex is for a woman who’s going all in on her dreams and isn’t just desiring courses, but live mentorship, implementation, hands on support and a thriving mastermind of expanders. I’ve had women multiply their investment in months and never touch the Vault.

If you’re looking for something smaller, you can definitely start at individual courses and classes!

The kinds of women in the Vortex are at a point where they’re done testing the waters and buying into their doubts with small actions that leave them inspired.. but aren’t those truly expansive leaps or those that offer consistent high level support.

Many women in the Vortex find Living Brave and jump right in within days. Those are the kinds of women you’ll be around. They simply see taste testing as a bigger risk than jumping in, and they’re savvy with their investments.

The course Vault alone, without the Live Masterminds, weekly calls, private community, new live immersions and live Vortex event in person, not to mention a ticket to Living Brave live, a year in the Club membership, surprise bonuses, renowned speakers and so much more… is worth the investment multiple times over! Just one of our premium programs like Scaled is over a fourth of the entire vortex year in investment level – and still a steal!

In the Vortex we SEE you, you truly can’t hide, and you’re going to be pushed outside your comfort zone.

I know you’re a woman who’s unconventional, doesn’t play by the rules and has surprised the people in her life many times. A leap like this takes extra self-love and self respect. It’s tough to grow an empire along a thriving life without mentorship with someone steps ahead and a community who really gets it.

At a certain level, just one nugget you get on live coaching in the Vortex could save you 6 figures and countless hours of trial and error, tears, and a whole lot of guessing. One idea we create together could catapult the business into its next evolution, like a conversation I had with my client Brittany who went from a 6 figure year to a $40k day after we decided… her business wasn’t really a coaching business after all, and she completely redesigned her model to be something brand new and never seen before. These are the moments you cannot have simply watching recordings, and why I love the Vortex!

That said, the courses are invaluable and truly hold everything you need from $0 to $10M in revenue, many have been refined numerous times and I believe I could never recreate they were so perfectly delivered in the most embodied and authentic energy at the time. There’s a LOT in the Vault, which is why every month we have an accountability and implementation call where you are given material to study and homework to execute on to see real results right away 😉

Others like to look at the Vault more like a library that’s overflowing and they get to tap into what feels alive and exciting for them! Others like to tell me and my team what’s up with them and what they’re working on and ask for reccs on where to start!

Personally I see the Vault as a big cherry on top of the mastermind and mentorship that’s the highest value inside the Vortex. I’ve had women take my programs for years and evolve as a person, and then join Vortex and literally in weeks double or triple revenue. I myself have always had high level support; while also bingeing and engaging in training and courses!!

If you’re asking this question, the Vortex probably isn’t a good fit for you and I recommend starting with something smaller or working on your commitment to yourself and your dreams! The Vortex is a year long commitment with many women joining for 2, 3 & 4 years!

It’s impossible not to see an ROI in the Vortex, not just financially, but as the whole woman you become when YOU decide to leverage the investment. Showing up to calls with questions and video on, authentically engaging in our community and collaborating with peers who inspire you, networking and skill sharing with other women, coming to the in person event, studying and implementing my guidance and coaching, digging into the Vault, joining the live mastermind immersions, hot seats and new programs, having an abundant and generous attitude and loving yourself enough to carve out the time consistently to receive the support you give others… are all fail proof ways to ensure you fly.

By the time you get to Vortex, there’s no plan B, you can’t imagine a life where you don’t make it happen no matter what. Being scared isn’t a reason not to, it’s the reason you’ll be stuck like 99% of people who never go for it, if you buy into inaction. Leaders see fear as a green light, drop into their heart and let it lead, as the mind will always try to keep you small and safe.

Vortex isn’t for risk averse people who prefer comfort over growth. Growth exists in the unknown. You have to go bigger than what makes “sense” right now. It’s the only thing that actually makes sense if you’re serious about what you want. Courage IS the inflection point. You can accept this or you can keep listening to people who don’t have what you want, including your monkey mind and own fear gremlins 😉

One year isn’t a long time for you, and you genuinely enjoy learning and growing, and know you are your safest asset! You always do what you say you’re going to do, time is the only variable. My close proximity work isn’t great for women who are constantly one foot in one foot out seeing if there’s a back door to exit. This will distract you from seeing results and you will not succeed.

Many women who join the Vortex are at an evolved place where they’re joining for income growth, but even more so for their own personal development, leadership growth, relationship harmony, sisterhood expansion, and business growth over the long term, and they don’t see vortex as a cost, but as an investment.

You’ll see many testimonials of 10x growth in revenue within the Vortex in months, because I tend to attract go getters like me! I heavily invest in my growth, make my results my responsibility, and double down when it’s going better than ever.

When you see long term, you take the pressure off your investments, allow yourself to enjoy the experience vs obsessing over short term returns, and understand one little nuggets or one connection could pay back the entire year in one hour.

Let’s gooo! You can apply here and our team (or even Shosh directly) will reach out to you when we do our next round reviews of applications!

The Vortex application gives us a sense of if and what will be the best fit for you.

We don’t invite anyone into the Vortex who were not positive is an aligned fit for the space and in a position to 10x their investment!

The Vortex isn’t just big group coaching, it’s a MASTERMIND. Masterminds only work when everyone in the space is a legend with something to offer.

I’ve been in my fair share of spaces with people who throw off the vibe or really shouldn’t have been invited into the group. I don’t prioritize short term revenue and misaligned yeses, I say no to ensure the quality of my spaces and this is why I have some of the most sought after masterminds for years in the industry.

I look for a high level of emotionally maturity, an all-in attitude, a long-term horizon, a visionary spirit (true innovation), a heart full of care and capacity to connect, and a mission and a why rooted in service and positive contribution to the world. It doesn’t matter as much how much you’re making, your mindset, your embodiment, and my evaluation of where you’re GOING will weigh greater.

Answer: I’m happy to connect with you! While my team is often first to answer on Instagram DMs, they are glad to connect you with me. I’d rather have an honest and real no pressure chat and give you feedback rather than have you wondering, waiting, and visiting the page over and over! It’s your future and your time on the line, not mine! I’m also happy to connect you with past clients, especially those with similar backgrounds or in your line of business. Can’t wait.

There are women from 20 to their 60s in the Vortex! I’d be pleased if we had older!

Some who’ve decided to have 5 kids by 27! Others at 50 who’ve opted to be dog moms ;).

Best selling authors, farmers, tattoo artists, travel companies, real estate agents, psychic mediums, corporate consultants, money coaches, network marketers, trauma therapists, course creators, influencers, relationship coaches, mentor for nurses, Airbnb experts, feminine embodiment coaches, graphic designers, oil painters, virtual assistant businesses and agencies, life coaches, PR specialists, healers, product based companies like perfumes and sound bowls, renowned speakers, somatic practitioners and more.

Some women have made 8 figures. Some women are starting up their first companies.

Some women paid in full and it didn’t affect their bank account. Some women had Vortex on their vision board for a year and took the biggest leap of their life so far with a loan.

Some women are new to the world of spirituality and femininity, live more logically and have type A personalities! Some women revolve their calendar around their cycle and live very much in their body and emotions.

Ultimately, this is what makes the Vortex so rich and powerful. We don’t need another one of us on our team. We need our differing strengths, perspectives, personalities, and skillsets to rise higher together than we could on our own.

That said, if you have a question about how my approach will fit into your unique business, I’d love to connect and give you an honest reflection. If it’s not the best fit, I have a large referral network. Always happy to help.

If you’re new in business or before 6 figures, it truly depends where you’re at emotionally and energetically and how embodied and committed you are. The application will help me get a good sense of if it’s right!

If you’re more advanced in business, you know how powerful investments are and that one little nugget could be worth millions. I teach from an 8 figure perspective, and one of my skills is I’m able to reach a wide range of people and apply my perspective to diverse situations. If you are generating high cash flow and at a place where your time is seriously limited leading a scaling company alongside your beautiful life, you value the closest proximity and are willing to go big and invest in that level of support, Vortex VIP or my Infinity Mastermind are the next steps. Please reach out on Instagram to check availability and apply. That said, if you plug into the community and live experiences, you’ll get plenty of support from me inside Vortex.

As for the youthfulness, a core value of mine that I bring into all my work and the way I carry myself is positivity and ease.

Hear more from our clients...

First 100k month inside the Vortex supporting tattoo artists in growing their practice! "Every time I have come back into this community, I have 10xed my investment, both spiritually and financially."


"Being inside the Vortex has been an absolute game-changer. Since joining, I've learned so many new things, made new friends, have been so inspired, and have had my energy amplified!"


"I've only been working with Shosh for 2 weeks and I've already closed over $35k in new sales. If you are on the fence, JUST JUMP IN!!"


to the moon...

I just got out of my house and I claimed a seat at the table and I dared to be a student in a new place, with an open mind.

I learned new skills, new tools and how to do less but generate greater returns from my efforts and time. The way the speakers told stories, the one liners from stage, they changed the way I saw myself and my future.

I was a sponge around people who’d walked the path before me, but this time in real life, uninterrupted immersion. And there’s something just DIFFERENT about that. It’s like seeing a LIVE CONCERT in real life at red rocks here in Colorado vs. listening to music your car. Car is a vibe, but it all blends together.

I often have these moments at red rocks concerts where I look around and feel the energy, feel the music IN my bones, and think “I forgot what I was missing… I need to be doing this more.” A concert is an event horizon that pattern interrupts and creates a stamp in time you never forget.

After that first event, I had my first multiple million dollar year, “working” less… traveling the world and falling in love.

Christian and I bonded and found a new joint passion: merging business and pleasure travel. Every year we invest $50k for a mastermind we rarely engage in online, just to go to a few live events. Events with the kind with a stage I could envision myself on. Designed to help me get there.

If you're like me and you're a homebody, have a TON on your plate, or realllly want to come but somehow you're still on the fence, this is for you.

In 2022 my partner invited me to a marketing conference where he was winning another “two comma club” award for making over 7 figures in a single “funnel.”

I reallllly liked him, I love vacations, making money on vacation is a love language, and while I didn’t know how much I’d really learn at this random event, I thought maybe I’d get one thing that’d make it worth it. I don’t “do” funnels. Plus could a live event really be that transformational? Isn’t a lot of rah rah or boring PowerPoints? At this point I’d already invested hundreds of thousands online. I’d had a million dollar year.

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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