Unleash & aliven your dripping in gold feminine essence to manifest & magnetize magic in your wealth, love & business

Unleash & aliven your dripping in gold feminine essence to manifest & magnetize magic in your wealth, love & business.

This program is so powerful it’s already attracted TWO HUNDRED industry leaders!

It feels like a sweeeeet refreshment…

Soap bubble vibes…

Deeeep activation…

Electric collective ascension…

Spicy & mystical & rule breaking & paradigm shifting.

Truly innovative, ART. Just how I like to do business.

Who is Femme Rising for?

While I could speak to the overwhelm, burnout, lack of true alignment & pleasure in your biz… fear of recreating your big months.. fears and fights with your partner… challenges dating as an ambitious open hearted woman… GUESSS WHAT!


This is who FR is for:

Leaders who want to go from good to GREAT, from thriving to “I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE HOW GOOD IT GETS”… already in a loving partnership? Let’s spice that sh*t uppppp baby.

Already having $200k+ months? What if we could double it with more space and easy and joy and creative fire? That’s what I’m here for.

Already in 40382 programs? Are you activated & curious? Then why the F not, you’re your safest asset.

For my heart led shame slaying visionary leaders on their way to building global empires….

For my embodied sensitive, bold and badass CEOs who no longer desire to compromise the romance of their lives for the business growth – no longer want to compromise who they’re being for what they’ve been told you “have to do” to win….

This is about results that make no sense

You know it’s INEVITABLE.

Having it all…

Magic is at your fingertips.

Everything you touch turns to gold.


If you plug in one place, let it be here.

To the edge of the universe and back, infinity times over… I’m going to SPILL OVER with creative energy!!!

The Femme Rising Rocketship takes off NOW.



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Inside Femme Rising…

Hi! I'm Shoshanna.

I’m a holistic life, business, love & leadership mentor for the most epic women on this planet. I consider myself a power amplifier and idea doula for heart-centered visionaries.

Living Brave began in 2019 as a shame-slaying podcast where I publicly disclosed my positive HSV status and had conversations with other leaders about breaking free of stigma, standing up to the status quo and paving your own path of vulnerable, authentic leadership and limitless potential that exists on the other side of a courageous leap of faith.

The platform QUICKLY expanded into a community of thousands, sold-out international retreats and booked out signature coaching programs. We grew from a 1-woman show to a multi $7 figure/year+ business & a global team in less than three years.

I’m in love with my work in supporting brave, paradigm-shifting women in expanding their impact & blasting through income goals by leading a brand & a community that feels like an extension of their heart.

Excited to meet you <3

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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