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Is this event for you?

➞ You claim a seat at the table and get in rooms that stretch you to dream bigger and give you the tools to GO FOR IT

➞ You pour into yourself because you know YOU are your best and highest yielding asset

➞ You’re always looking for new skills to build your micro-movement, your wealth, and your arsenal of tools for sales, marketing and leadership to the millions

➞ You know that every room you walk into, you meet new friends, collabs, clients... if you’d just be in more rooms your biz would 10x.

➞ You value mentorship and invest in business & life advice from someone who’s walked the path in a way that motivates you to raise the bar, break the rules, PLAY, and INNOVATE.

What to expect


➞ Get indoctrinated on the path of the chill rocketship to build a business and a life that grows as a byproduct of your joy and radical self expression

➞ Learn brand new content for a high cash flow low maintenance model that fuels freedom, and a wealthy life outside work

Get off your screen, and pattern interrupt your daily routine with an immersive deep dive designed to shake you up and inspire truly innovative and fresh ideas, and build a life that’s better than the one you show virtually

➞ Have spontaneous meetings and connections that pay back for years to come with established women in leadership who’ll rise alongside you over the years

➞ Go beyond beginner's mindset, learn how to achieve mastery and win at the games you play that matter most to you

➞ Learn how to take your natural feminine strengths and turn it into an attraction based strategy that removes unnecessary complexity and opens up doors for opportunities to COME TO YOU so you can work on being the lighthouse vs. chasing in love and business

➞ Leave refreshed and rejuvenated with new tools to help you release shame, fear and any last remains of playing small so you can FALL IN LOVE with your whole life all over again and become a match to quantum leaps beyond your minds capacity to dream on a vision board 😉

➞ Restore your faith and show yourself you matter by gifting yourself an opportunity that could change everything...


Take advantage of the opportunity to make the second half of 2024 where you make 90% of your income, connections and unforgettable memories...

"My company just generated the abundance it usually does in 10 months, in ONE MONTH!"

“Living Brave feels like plugging into a completely new energy and instantly helped me calibrate to my next level. Shoshanna has really been a permission slip for me. In less than eight weeks, I feel the best I've ever felt in my business, and I’m surrounded by fantastic clients who feel like family.

My company just generated what it usually does in 10 months, in ONE MONTH! Over $100k+!
So of course, that feels like the most amazing cherry on top!”


"Shoshanna is so loving, so nourishing, but she's also a firecracker and she will keep you on your toes reminding you of your greatness"

“When I found Shoshanna, I was going through a pretty significant income dip and her podcast was exactly what I needed to really regain my fire. I ended up joining the Club's Money March, and I had a HUGE month. I had gone from my income dip (less than $1k), back to a $10k month. I continued to accelerate my income throughout all of 2023, when I joined the Vortex! I had my first $30k cash month after joining, and I entered 2024 with over $100k worth of clients and recurring payments for the year. Inside Vortex I'm now celebrating a $55k cash month! I couldn't be more grateful for this community!”


"It doesn't take long to feel the shift happening. It is an experience like no other."

“I first entered the Living Brave world last year during Money March, and joined The Vortex last November. Being in the Vortex community has been so beneficial. Get yourself into the room with these amazing human beings and you are going to skyrocket.

It doesn't take long to feel the shift happening and it is an experience like no other. I've made in TWO MONTHS working with Shoshanna what I made ALL OF LAST YEAR COMBINED... but not only that, I feel amazing and am working with soulmate clients as a healer and spiritual guide, and mother.”



Choose your experience

Limited quantities available for each tier!

Shame Slayer General Admission



✓ Live Event 8:30am-8pm on Aug 30th

LIVE Coaching with Shoshanna

Inspiring Guest Speakers and Experts

Brand New JEDI Leadership and Unconventional Business Trainings

Locally Sourced Delicious Lunch in the Mile High City Sunshine

Snacks, Beverages, Hors d'Oeuvres, Live DJ, Dance Floor and Party at Night!

Facilitated Networking and Connection

X Exclusive Private Welcome Reception with Shoshanna, The Vortex + VIPs on the 29th

X Early Access to LIVING BRAVE LIVE (get in there FIRST)

X Reserved Seating (front rows baby!!!)

X LIFETIME Access to ALL Event Recordings

X Reserved Priority Hotseat Coaching with Shoshanna LIVE

X Luxury 2-Day Intimate Mastermind Retreat with Shoshanna & a Small Group of Embodied, Established Female Entrepreneurs

X Professional Mini Brand Photo/Video Shoot (take the memories home and create magic with it)

X In-Depth, Hands-On Coaching with Shoshanna (at least 4 immersive hours)

X Private Gourmet Meals

X A Surprise Excursion + pampering for dayssss

X 2 Nights Stay at a High-End DREAM Venue

Jedi VIP



✓ Live Event 8:30am-8pm on Aug 30th

LIVE Coaching with Shoshanna

Inspiring Guest Speakers and Experts

Brand New JEDI Leadership and Unconventional Business Trainings

Locally Sourced Delicious Lunch in the Mile High City Sunshine

Snacks, Beverages, Hors d'Oeuvres, Live DJ, Dance Floor and Party at Night!

Facilitated Networking and Connection

Private Welcome Reception with VIPs, VORTEX and Shoshanna on the Evening of the 29th!

Early Access to LIVING BRAVE LIVE (get in there FIRST!)

Reserved Seating (front row yes please!)

LIFETIME Access to ALL Event Recordings (don't worry about notes)

Reserved Priority Hotseat Coaching with Shoshanna LIVE!!!! (Get on stage!)

X Luxury 2-Day Intimate Mastermind Retreat with Shoshanna & a Small Group of Embodied, Established Female Entrepreneurs

X Professional Mini Brand Photo/Video Shoot (take the memories home and create magic with it)

X In-Depth, Hands-On Coaching with Shoshanna (at least 4 immersive hours)

X Private Gourmet Meals

X A Surprise Excursion + pampering for dayssss

X 2 Nights Stay at a High-End DREAM Venue



Jedi VIP Ticket + 2 Day Private Business Coaching Retreat

✓ Live Event 8:30am-8pm on Aug 30th

LIVE Coaching with Shoshanna

Inspiring Guest Speakers and Experts

Brand New JEDI Leadership and Unconventional Business Trainings

Locally Sourced Delicious Lunch in the Mile High City Sunshine

Snacks, Beverages, Hors d'Oeuvres, Live DJ, Dance Floor and Party at Night!

Facilitated Networking and Connection

Private Welcome Reception with VIPs, VORTEX and Shoshanna on the Evening of the 29th!

Early Access to LIVING BRAVE LIVE (get in there FIRST!)

Reserved Seating (front row yes please!)

LIFETIME Access to ALL Event Recordings (don't worry about notes)

Reserved Priority Hotseat Coaching with Shoshanna LIVE!!!! (Get on stage!)

Luxury 2-Day Intimate Mastermind Retreat with Shoshanna & a Small Group of Embodied, Established Female Entrepreneurs

Professional Mini Brand Photo/Video Shoot (take the memories home and create magic with it)

In-Depth, Hands-On Coaching with Shoshanna (at least 4 immersive hours)

Private Gourmet Meals

A Surprise Excursion + pampering for dayssss

2 Nights Stay at a High-End DREAM Venue

Or get a FREE ticket by joining THE VORTEX




✓ A Full Day of Immersive Masterminding with Shoshanna and the inner circle Mastermind, Exclusively for Vortex Members on August 29th!


Located in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver

Directions: Fly into Denver International Airport, and either take a 35 minute Uber directly to the venue, rent a car, or take the "lightrail" train to Union Station (~$10) and take a short Uber to our venue. 50 parking spots are available at the venue.


Your Dream Day


Enter a new world: ecstatic dance, ice baths, cute name tags, caffeine and snacks, hugging internet friends and meeting your inspirations, getting the vibes through the roof, preparing for our minds to be blown!


Exclusive new electric, implementable, game-changing business and leadership trainings, behind the scenes and live coaching with your 8 figure mentor and founder of the global shame slaying movement Living Brave, Shoshanna Raven


Break to nourish, mingle, flirt, and drop your contacts with the world's most iconic leaders... sit outside in the beautiful sun and eat delicious locally sourced lunch, snap photos and b-roll of our magnificent set-up. OMG you get what I now meant by "not your average business conference..." IS THIS REAL LIFE?!


Live breakthrough interventions from stage and your chance to get YOUR questions answered by Shoshanna, plus surprise speakers that will motivate you and give you material to work with through the rest of the year!


Bring out the LED dance floor! DJ spinnin', hors de' vors flowing, mocktail/cocktail bar open! Continue the conversations into the evening for the start of our famous Living Brave community extravaganza and make priceless connections and memories you flew across the world for.


Enjoy yourself. You made it. Look around. Take it in. This is the new normal. You are home. Thank god you trusted that pull within yourself to take the freaking trip, to put yourself first, and to GET IN THE ROOM. It did not disappoint. Best. Decision. Ever. The game changed. See you next year.

"It has been so transformative, healing, and empowering working with Shoshana and being a part of the Living Brave community."

"When I first stumbled upon Shosh’s profile on Instagram, I was going through a heartbreak. I had some success in my business, but it wasn't exactly what I desired it to be, and I was not enjoying life to the fullest and not showing up as the full, true, bold human that I am. She's truly changed my life; Shoshanna taught me how to be turned on by life, how to build trust within myself, and how to become an empowered, powerful, strong, independent, and feminine AF women.

Right after I joined The Vortex I 2xed my monthly cash and I had my highest cash month, and then after five more months, doubled that!
I know that this is just the beginning. The level of support I received from this community of Living Brave is something I've never seen anywhere else. The connection, the community, and the sisterhood absolutely changed my life. I cannot recommend Shoshanna enough!"


"I had a total shift in the way that I approached my business, the way I approached life, spoke to people, and everything started to flow so much more easily."

Before I joined the Living Brave world (The Club), my business was doing well and things were going ok. I was feeling pretty solid, but I also just felt really scared, unsafe and had so many money stories that made me feel stressed out and so overwhelmed. After I joined, I was showing up in my authentic energy, and clients started just flowing to me.

I finally made the leap to join The Vortex at the end of last year. Within one week of joining, I had a $25k week, the biggest week I've ever had in my business! I sold out all of my 1 to 1 spots, and doubled my audience my following. Since then, my business has just been expanding, expanding, expanding, now to consistent $50k months. I hired a new team member and I'm launching exciting new offerings!


"I tripled my revenue, I launched my first retreat, and sold it out!"

"I first joined Shosh’s world with EBA, and I had great success there. Shortly after that, I joined her mastermind, and that's really where I started to evolve. Not just my business really started to take off, but I also started to really evolve as a leader and as an entrepreneur. I grew my social media following from a couple thousands to hundreds of thousands, and honed in on my messaging and in my brand.

Shoshanna encouraged me to shine my unique light in the area of grief and loss coaching. She really helped me honor my truth in a space where it didn't always feel very welcomed. Yes, I got the results I wanted (multiple 6 figure business from 0, replaced corporate income), but working with Shosh for me was more about how she coached me into up-leveling myself as a holistic human being, able to hold a bigger amount of people in my containers, to holding nearly 300k followers on social media. I can now see my own limitless potential and believe anything in life is possible if you just get out of your own fucking way! THAT is the Living Brave way."


Meet Your Host!


Shoshanna is a holistic lifestyle, business, leadership, and love coach for heart-led visionaries and female entrepreneurs. Specifically, she works with personal brands & community-centric businesses, helping them take off & scale to global impact.

As a shame slayer, Shoshanna speaks openly about taboos - sex money power - to liberate the TRUTH. She launched her podcast Living Brave in 2019, where she opened up about her herpes status, in hopes to break shame and stigma culture, inspire authentic connection and liberate listeners to access their own personal power.

What began as a one-woman show with no intention to monetize grew organically to a multi-million dollar a year business in just two years! Shoshanna has now worked with thousands of clients around the world, hosted sold-out global retreats, and runs a rockstar team. 🧡

She’s on a mission to slay shame, tell the truth, and unlock your limitless potential through brave leadership… learning to walk with fear and open to the magical mystery of this wild human experience.

Surprise Guest Speaker

"Win The Game"

Get ready for an immersive live guest lecture and workshop will be hosted by a mystery guest... someone who's generated multiple millions in multiple industries and will leave you on the floor picking up the pieces of your brain.

Meet Your Guest Speaker!


Christian cut his teeth in the path to mastery as a snowboard bum who became a national champion. He took the same habits and skills to win in the game of entrepreneurship, this time taking his passions to profits and building one of the biggest online snowboard schools in the world, a multiple 7 figure marketing education company digitalnomad.com, and more businesses than anyone can keep up with across AI, software, wellness and business education. A true Gemini multi passionate, this father to be stokes his passion for martial arts, the drums, travel, and his newest obsession theperfectplunge.com, while frequently making it to the mountains and annual staycations you see on vision boards



We gotchu covered!! We have a room block at the Thompson Hotel.


Light snacks, coffee and water will be provided in the morning and throughout the day! A locally sourced full lunch is included in all ticket packages, as well as delicious hors d’oeuvres for a light dinner at our evening party! At night you will have the option to access a bar where non alcoholic drinks are free, or purchase your own special drinks!

Travel in to Denver International Airport (DIA)! You can take the light rail straight from the airport to Union Station in downtown Denver, close to both our room block at the Thompson Hotel and our venue for Living Brave LIVE in the Santa Fe Arts District! Uber and car rentals are also super easy from DIA 😉

No! If you’re a mission-driven, “shame slaying” leader desiring growth, connection and strategies to take your business and life to the next level, this event was made for you. This is a great opportunity to meet the community and immerse yourself in live coaching! We hope you find your home and stay forevaaa.

We’ll miss you to the edge of the universe and back! Tickets are non refundable.

Yes! We want to hang out outside the event! If you want to get the full experience, Living Brave has a hotel block offering you 30% off for limited rooms at the Thompson Hotel. Details on how to book will be sent to you once your ticket is purchased!

JEDI VIP has a special welcome reception and meet and greet the night before our big day! Kind of like at a wedding, where it feels like the first night was so good.. there surely can’t be MORE! You’ll also get a reserved spot for Q&A (ask Shosh anything on stage!!), reserved seating, the event replays, and early access… plus more spoiling you with surprises. Shoshanna’s private coaching containers are between $50K and $300k. This is an amazing opportunity to claim a seat at the table and gift yourself to the opportunity of having your next big breakthrough.

Yes! My baby daddy will be there! If you’re bringing your bubs or your business partner or have a friend who’d like to join us, please directly reach out to us at team@shoshannaraven.com so we can give you a referral link and a plus one bonus! Of course they’ll purchase a ticket, but we’d like to make it even easier for you to bring your person!

We sure do! We’d love to reward you for sharing with your community – it means the world to us. Send Shosh a DM on Instagram to get your unique affiliate link!

If you're like me and you're a homebody, wear many hats and have a TON on your plate, or realllly want to come but somehow you're still on the fence, this is for you.

The real secret behind my first multi 7 figure year:

In 2022 my partner invited me to a marketing conference where he was winning another “two comma club” award for making over 7 figures in a single “funnel.”

I reallllly liked him, I love vacations, making money on vacation is a love language, and while I didn’t know how much I’d really learn at this random event, I thought maybe I’d get one thing that’d make it worth it. I don’t “do” funnels. Plus could a live event really be that transformational? Isn’t a lot of rah rah or boring PowerPoints? At this point I’d already invested hundreds of thousands online. I’d had a million dollar year.

Orlando isn’t necessarily BALI… but something inside told me to go.

Maybe you’re a yes woman like me too… so I figured I’d rather find out than wonder what if.

See, I grew my business during the pandemic. All my Masterminds and training and coaching had been online. Spoiler alert: holy sh*t, I had NO IDEA what I was missing.

Speaker after speaker, my mind’s getting blown and my hearts blasted open. I’m taking mirror selfies in the bathroom feeling so official at a conference, I’m closing sales in the hallways between sessions feeling on fire, I’m coming up with new offers from the crowd, and my hand hurts from taking notes.

A girl walks up to me and introduces herself as Bridget, she’s taken some of my programs before! Two years later she’s my private client, we’ve both blown up our businesses, and last night we went out on a double date in Mexico, at another event!

We kept showing up to events together. She went from a multiple six figure year to a multiple six figure month, and I went from a million dollar year to a million dollar month. My fiancés launched maybe 5 business since that first conference, and her boyfriend just had a $600k+ thousand dollar month! We were all laughing about how when they found this community, they were living in a rickety one bedroom in Panama where he was selling a $1 course and cold pitching to people on Instagram! He sold $5 worth!

We came to the first event without expectation… maybe we’d learn something. And two years later, we’ve all 10xed, but more so, we’ve met friends who care, who we genuinely love, and who will be at our wedding. We couldn’t have planned that, and it would have never happened online.

After that first conference, I go home and I study my notes, creating piles of new content that bring in new sales, following up with new connections I made in between sessions, and overall feeling this inspiration I'd been MISSING without even knowing.

I didn’t post more on social media. I didn’t spend more time on my phone. I didn’t lift my prices.

I just got out of my house, claimed a seat at the table and dared to be a student in a new place, with an open mind.

I learned new skills, new tools and how to do less but generate greater returns from my efforts and time. The way the speakers told stories, the one liners from stage, they changed the way I saw myself and my future.

I was a sponge around people who’d walked the path before me, but this time in real life, uninterrupted immersion. And there’s something just DIFFERENT about that. It’s like seeing a LIVE CONCERT in real life at red rocks here in Colorado vs. listening to music your car. Car jams are a vibe, but it all blends together.

I often have these moments at red rocks concerts where I look around and feel the energy, feel the music IN my bones, and think “I forgot what I was missing… I need to be doing this more.” A concert is an event horizon that pattern interrupts and creates a stamp in time you never forget.

After that first event, I had my first multiple million dollar year, “working” less… traveling the world and falling in love.

Christian and I bonded and found a new joint passion: merging business and pleasure for travel. Every year we invest $50k for a mastermind we rarely engage in online, just to go to a few live events. Events with the kind with a stage I could envision myself on. Designed to help me get there.

Now; I want to give you an opportunity to do the same.

Living Brave LIVE is a one of it's kind 12 hour transformational experience that will offer you the tools, skills, network and unforeseen insights and ideas to create a life and “high cash flow, low maintenance business” beyond your vision board.

In one day in person, I dare say, we can squeeze in a decade of growth online.

And listen, I know it’s not EASY to get your butt in the physical room.

There’s the comfort of your HOME, there’s all the roles and responsibilities and hats you wear, there’s the logistics and the travel, there’s the kids and the husband and the expectations that you never inconvenience anyone to do something for yourself because you are just so “loving”…

... And maybe you've gotten good at taming your desires to keep the peace... maybe there’s the finances... and the not really knowing what to expect but no “video off” button or cop out so you can multi task on the a million items on your to do list while you’re at the event. There’s a million other things you could be doing!!!

Look, I gave you the out. You’ve got a million reasons why not.

Selling an in person event is one of the infamously tough offers to crack in the business world. I could run a virtual event with no overhead and little to no risk, and save myself 371974 conversations, hours of planning, logistics, and complexity.

But I know easy is a trap. The women of Living Brave are the type of women, who with a million reasons why not,… find the one reason why. I see the resistance as a green light, a story in the making, a journey that makes me richer, another opportunity to choose my future, my knowing, my abundant and spontaneous spirit, above what the status quo deems reasonable.

I don’t want reasonable, I don’t want practical, and I don’t want conventional or ordinary results.

Because the truth is, most people have legendary dreams, yet have conventional work ethics, conventional standards and conventional excuses. They want unreasonable results, with reasonable action. They will wish and vision board until their last days. They will have to reconcile how they let life pass as a bystander.

They will wonder “what if.” This event isn’t for those people.

I’m willing to invest a hundred thousand dollars out of my own pocket to put on the event of a lifetime, without guarantees of what happens next, because it’s brave.

And while there’s a LOT of noise about the tried and true steps to success, I just follow ONE.

Be brave. When you feel scared, inconvenienced and uncomfortable… lean in. You want it? Make it happen.

There’s not much competition at the top. This is the winning strategy. Let them keep cold DMing and over complicating the whole business thing.. searching for something “more” in life while addicted to screens and showing a life virtually that pales in comparison to what’s truly happening behind the scenes….

While you simply get yourself on a plane, spend a day in THE room and make more meaningful connections and extract more value than they will in a year, because you took the “hard” way, got up close, gave yourself a break trying to “figure it out,” and and let yourself find out.

I’ve gotten here, writing to you on this patio in Mexico at my own business mastermind conference, having built an 8 figure brand in 4 years, that requires part time work, because I flipped “easy” and “hard” and “risk” and “safety.” It’s riskier for me to wonder what if. It’s harder for me to take the crowded, traffic jammed “easy” path to success. It’s not easy to get to Denver for this event. It’s not easy to truly put yourself out there. It’s not easy to have that brave conversation... to tell your loved ones that this time, you’re choosing you - for them, too.

But that makes it so much better.
We filter out the people who can’t be inconvenienced, who are addicted to their “blocks.”

I realized a while back that the attractions, hikes, and lookout spots that take a littttle extra effort to get to, are often the highlights of the trip. 99% of people are crammed at the tourist trap, dropped off by the free, sweaty bus, taking the same photo for IG, swarmed by other people. We walk an extra .5 miles to a beach with just a few people in sight… meet the coolest people, take in the experience, and have a real, true memory to take home.

There are two doors. We know where the first leads...

Right back to where you are right now. No change. Predictable. Safe. No one will make you wrong for it. Maybe next time…

Then there’s door #2:

You can read the details again and again.. ask all the questions… contemplate the scenarios in your mind.. but what I can promise you is that Living Brave LIVE will CHANGE you in ways you couldn’t predict.

You’ll meet people who stick in your life and open even more doors. You’ll learn concepts and gain tools that will unlock even more doors. And you’ll receive an opportunity to unlock a few within yourself. Places you’ve missed, but didn’t realize were closed.

I made this LIVE for a reason. My 7 month pregnant self will be running her first ever live event, because one thing in her said "yes, this is brave, yes, you’re people need this"… despite all the reasons why not. I'm ready to meet you there, and meet your ONE REASON WHY.

So... do you hear the mountains calling?

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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