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Brittany Svirbely

Biz + Empowerment Coaching Client

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Katie Portanova

Business Coaching Client

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Jacki Kotsovos

Empowerment Coaching Client

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I started working with Shoshanna to help me unveil the shame I had been hiding and use it for my own personal growth. I wanted to do something BRAVE! Shoshanna has helped me flip fear and vulnerability on its head and help me realize the potential I have to respond with gratitude, courage and imperfection, and what a beautiful thing imperfection is! What I discovered is that herpes was just the catalyst to a lifelong journey of acceptance and self-compassion and a reminder to hold myself in warm regards every day. It took a long time for me to say that, and after working with Shoshanna, I’m finally able to. I feel brave and confident, and I realize that this journey is more than just for dating and relationships. I AM MORE THAN THIS AND HOW COULD I FORGET THAT? This is about staying true to my values and myself, learning to take risks during times of fear and uncertainty, and recognizing there is no growth without difficulty.

Shoshanna’s positive energy, spirituality, and unapologetic attitude is highly contagious! I consider her a close friend that I’m happy to have met, and I cannot wait to take part in her upcoming retreats!


Life Coaching Client

Before working with Shoshanna, I was in a toxic coaching mentorship with little direction but the desire to grow my business from an authentic place. I felt defeated by the coaching industry and gave up on pursuing my business. I felt lost and confused, ready to give up on my dream… then I started working with Shoshanna!

Shoshanna created a safe space for me to rebuild by coaching business from an empowered place and has inspired me to seek and live in my truth. Her containers have an intentional structure that helped me launch my podcast, create programs that are aligned with my heart and skills, and gain 1:1 clients. She has helped me shift my mindset in my business from scarcity to excited and empowered! She has also guided me through finding the confidence to begin my podcast, helped me publish blog posts, and create intentional containers for my 1:1 clients. 
Working together has not only helped me build my business but has given me an opportunity to reconnect with myself and recognize my own power! Her program is more than a business mentorship, she truly creates a space for healing and encourages me to do the inner work on myself so that I can thrive in my business. In our sessions, she gives me permission to be completely ME and to show up exactly as I am. She gives me encouragement to show up as my best self in all areas of my life. I look forward to our calls together every week knowing that they help me grow and make progress on my personal and business journey! I feel so blessed to have Shosh in my life as a coach, mentor, friend, and teacher! 


Business Coaching Client

Thank God I got herpes! I say this with full enthusiasm and honesty. Herpes lead me to work with Shoshanna and for that, I’m grateful. Underneath the shame of my herpes was a very lost and broken woman. Shoshanna gave me a safe space to process my thoughts and emotions without judgment. She has given me the ability to sit in my discomfort and pain, and the space to reflect on who I am and who I want to become. I have found peace and freedom within myself, like I’ve never felt. Shoshanna is helping me walk my truth and find my power. 

The things that I have done in the last 3 months have been the most profound work I have done in the past 10 years! I have spent a lot of money looking for a cure that would solve all my problems. Well, I finally found it! In working with this wonderful, amazing, generous and beautiful woman. Shoshanna teaches you that you have everything you need within you and she just creates the space for you to dive into the work. If you’re looking for a sign, here it is! I encourage anyone and everyone to work with Shoshanna. Why? Because you’re worth it and she will help you find what you’re seeking.


Life coaching client

When I first met Shoshanna, I was at a crossroads in my life. I had recently resigned from my job, was still working in a harmful environment and had a lot of clutter in my mind. As we began our work together, it was clear that shame had been guiding my personal narrative. When we cracked away and called shame for what it was, things began to truly shift. With confidence and bravery, I was able to make massive leaps. I finally allowed the “Kristel” that had disappeared to come back. We created tangible plans to ensure that the spark that lives inside of me, that inner-child, was not shushed. Every week, I look forward to our calls and the practical work we are doing together. Shoshanna has held me accountable to myself and in doing so, I can feel the transformation within myself . I’m forever thankful to her.


Life + business coaching client

When I first received my HSV diagnosis I felt like the world was crashing down on me. I sobbed in the doctors office for hours, sobbed my way down to the pharmacy to pick up my new prescription, which I resented, and then sobbed my way back to my room where thoughts of a lost romantic future, a broken sense of self, and even a belief that I was better off dead than alive with herpes set in. I grieved for the person I felt I “once was,” and felt deeply angry at myself, the person who I had contracted HSV from, and the world that carries so much stigma.

Finding Shoshanna was the beginning of my journey inwards to healing those deeper inner wounds that my HSV diagnoses exposed. Through just one call, and a series of messages, Shoshanna lifted me up from a place of hopelessness and helplessness and guided me towards a place of healing. She introduced ideas and exercises that felt tailored to me and the exact stage I was in. She helped me connect to my body and spirit from a place of love and compassion, rather than self-loathing. I’m eternally grateful for her for being a catalyst of growth in my life. As I continue to do the deep inner work, I’m indebted to Shoshanna for holding the space for me to step into my truth in a way that felt real and personal. To anyone on the fence about booking a call or hiring Shoshanna, what are you waiting for? Allow yourself come home to your truth with her soothing voice, that’s been there too, lighting the way.


HSV breakthrough session

Before I began working with Shoshanna I was in a constant cycle of: be perfect, fail at being perfect, hate myself for it, and repeat. I didn’t have any clue just how much shame I was harboring. I knew there were things I needed to deal with, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was or how to get started. Life felt mundane, and it was difficult to make it through a day without being annoyed all the time and resentful that the people around me seemed fine. I had just gone through some of the most difficult months of my life and I felt like I had lost myself completely. I had given so much of myself to other people, and I was left drained and broken. 

Shoshanna held a women’s circle that I attended, and afterward, I felt an intense vulnerability hangover which I don’t recall ever experiencing before, so I drank an entire bottle of wine and bawled my eyes out while writing a letter to myself. In the letter, I wrote that I didn’t want to forget how I was feeling and that I needed to make a change. Part of that change was going to be signing up for Shoshanna’s one-on-one coaching program.

Not only is the program life-changing, but Shoshanna is the most non-judgmental, genuine, loving, and knowledgeable person I have ever met. She has not only helped me with getting clear about what it is that I want for myself but has also given me permission to be unapologetically myself and reconnect to my truest, deepest desires. I’ve given up the need for validation from others about my decisions, and I know that I am worthy of everything I once believed I didn’t deserve. On our very first session, she told me to, “lighten the f*ck up,” very lovingly of course, and that has been a complete game-changer for me. Her work has helped me step back into my lighthearted, fun-loving self that I knew was always in there, I was just scared for it to come out. The amount of perspective shifts that have happened for me these past couple months is astounding. I went from looking at life like a boring, linear, routine to looking around me in absolute disbelief that life could actually be this beautiful, that I COULD BE THIS BEAUTIFUL.

We have also worked on bringing light to my herpes diagnosis. Before this, I thought I was healed from it and that I was going to just move on, but I have realized that not only do I have herpes, but I am excited about it. WHATTT? My story is now an avenue for helping others with something that I struggled with for a very long time, and that in itself has opened up so many doors for me. If I could choose one word to wrap all of that together it would be EMPOWERMENT. Because I decided to do this for myself, I have finally woken up and I am finally living. Shoshanna has given me the tools to continue to grow every single day even long after we are finished.

When we have our weekly session, I hang up the call and immediately start thinking about the next one. Our sessions are light-hearted and Shoshanna holds space for me in a way that allows me to stay grounded and really think about what it is that I am there for that week. We often do a short meditation at the beginning or end of our session which I really appreciate. Everything she says, I’m like, “Damn, I hadn’t thought about it like that, but I’m really digging that fresh perspective.” I always leave with inspiration and new insights.

I would absolutely recommend Shoshanna as a coach to others. I go around practically screaming unsolicited praise about her to anyone and everyone that will listen. She’s that good. If you are on the fence, DON’T BE. I think what I wrote speaks for itself. Spend the money, it is worth every penny and more. The amount of effort and love that she pours into her clients actually brings me to tears. I am so grateful for this work, and if you have the opportunity to do it, invest in yourself because YOU DESERVE IT.


Life coaching client

Shoshanna was a catalyst for me to step away from climbing the corporate ladder and saw me through my transition to build a life as an entrepreneur. Shoshanna will ask you to look in the mirror, to really see yourself for who you are and ask: is this who you want to be? If the answer is no she will help you find the YOU that is in there.



It’s been a privilege and a joy to witness and share in Shoshanna’s journey thus far through her journalistic work, Living Brave podcast, social media presence, and now her group program and one-on-one offerings.

The woman is seriously tapping into a human super power and I’m here for it.

Whether it has been through her podcast, posts, or simply the little voice messages we send to each other across the world, Shoshanna’s voice has made me feel seen and understood, has sharpened my vision to recognize past traumas and destructive self talk, and has helped me make room for compassion and healing and LOVE for myself and others. I feel incredibly lucky to call her a friend, teacher, and fellow student of this life.

Like all of us, Shoshanna does not have the answers to all of life’s questions nor the solutions to all of your problems— and that is not what she is offering. She is simply offering guidance and focus to help you gain confidence, cultivate self worth, and connect with your higher self so that you can learn to rely on yourself for those answers and solutions. Her offerings are simply a tool for your own journey to ultimately achieve deeper connection to both your inner and outer world.

Put simply, YOU are the most vital part of your journey. That is what is so exciting! Other than myself, there is no one I would trust more to provide guidance, support, advice, and belly laughs through my own journey than Shosh. What I’ve learned is no one really has it “all figured out”— the beauty of it is that we’re stumbling and leaping and learning and dancing through this life together. And let me tell you, no one makes a better dancing partner than Shosh.



Shoshanna’s retreat was by far one of the best retreats I’ve had the pleasure of attending. The people were authentic, open, and vulnerable. When other people are willing and brave enough to share, it leaves me space to do the same.

I particularly liked the idea of creating your own adventure. I felt free to participate in each designed program, or simply forge my own path. It’s that type of flexibility that will have me coming back.


Retreater (Panama)

I have participated in one of Shoshanna’s retreats and am a devout listener of her podcast. Both her retreat and her podcast have been a catalyst for me to examine many aspects of my life – including my career, my spending choices, my romantic partnership, and my self expression – with curiosity and with a fresh perspective to re-evaluate where I want to go and what beliefs I may be holding on to that are preventing me from getting there (often without me evening knowing it!).

She inspires me to consider how I can show up more authentically, with more vulnerability and more sparkle, in all areas of my life by showing me alternative ways to think through challenges and opportunities, guiding me to tools to help me feel self-empowered, and holding space for me to be my complete self. She is incredibly supportive, open-hearted, and hilarious, and a dream friend to everyone she meets.

I’m planning for big leaps of faith that are so exciting and feel so right that I wouldn’t have conceived or pursued at this point in my life without Shoshanna’s influence. I feel so fortunate to have worked with her, and can’t wait to attend more retreats and participate in her new offerings.

Shoshanna has helped me in a way I can not fully express! I finally feel like not just myself again, but a brighter and lighter version. Our work has expand my ability to connect with my inner/higher self, and the practices she gave me for breaking down shame and empowering myself were tools I never knew I needed. I don’t obsess over my HSV diagnosis anymore, in fact I barely think about it. I went from a deep depression to feeling a reinvigorated my zest for life in a way that has brought me outside of my body. I feel honored to know and have worked with Shoshanna.


Retreater (Panama)

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