And The Net Appeared Podcast: Writing yourself permission slips with Shoshanna Raven

Chelsey is joined by Shoshanna Raven, a business and empowerment coach for heart-centered womxn stepping into leadership and growing community around their work.

In this episode we chat about:

✨ How starting a business can be a vehicle for personal growth
✨ Doing the inner work first
✨ Showing up with your true colours
✨ Showing your truth as a way to be more magnetic
✨ Authentic leadership
✨ Sharing our vulnerabilities and stigmatized characteristics as a way to step outside shame and others to do the same
✨ Living with HSV / herpes and choosing how & when to share that with others
✨ Shaking off “traditional” business advice and embracing what lights you up
✨ Dropping the “shoulds”
✨ Taking the pressure off and allowing your passions to grow organically

And so much more.

Go listen now at or your go-to podcast player!


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