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Grounded and heart-centered strategy to support your business growth and your long-term brand vision.

Imagine this...

You run a bad ass business that brings in six-figure income and nurtures an engaged and soulful community. 

With flexibility, ease, and creativity, you show up, lead, and provide value in your area of expertise. You’re excited about your offers, and you’ve worked through the mindset blocks, starter limbo and lack of strategy keeping you from staying consistent, visible, and authentic. That creates a flow of organic leads with minimal marketing, no Facebook ads, fancy website or complex funnels. 

You rise to the top of a fast-growing industry without watering down your message or changing your vibe, cutting right through the homogenization and salesy-ness that kept you from diving in right away. 

You evolve alongside your brand, you tell stories that land, you have ample time for new passion projects and adventure, and you work from anywhere with soulmate clients. 

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If you don't get help, it's likely you will...

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What I Teach.

Shift from scarcity and fear to freedom and purpose.

If you’re in starter limbo, getting lost in the sea of seemingly inauthentic and out-of-reach coaches with content revolved solely around $, in an industry where misguided new-age lingo and “wellness” adds to the noise… I’ve been there too. 

You might be trying to wing it on your own, getting bursts of inspiration, only to show up inconsistently, without the clarity and confidence that’s required for you to build an empowered and abundant business. 

You’re irked by the “cold messages’ on IG, social media feels stressful, you have a ton of ideas but no tried and true strategy and structure to run with it, and you’re questioning everything!

If you think you have to sell a sub $100 course to get started, provide your services/content for free until you prove yourself, feel anxiety about showing up, are embarrassed about promoting your offerings without any clients… I’ve been there too. 

You might be getting messages about how inspiring your work is, without anyone wanting to buy or seeing you as an expert. 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to trade time for money, or take another passionless job that pays the bills. 

That you can position yourself, attract your ideal clients, and hit consistent $5k+/months right off the bat without a large social media presence. No, you don’t need another certification. 

If you get the support that you DESERVE, and implement simple, effective, and soulful strategy to monetize your gifts and put them to work for the people that need you, you can build a thriving 6-figure business. AND have time to explore, play, live your life, and stay true to yourself. 

It’s not rocket science, it’s bravery, trust, and grounded strategy. +

Your Empowered Biz
You deserve to live on purpose. To start believing that wild success is possible for you too. It pays to be brave.

While I work with a diverse array of clients, they all have one thing in common. They're here to serve others and create a positive impact.


Doing what you love doesn't mean a pay cut. Make consistent $5-10k months and beyond, and scale your business without burning out.


One of the most rewarding parts of having a business, is that it becomes so much greater than just you. Start a movement.


Your biz is a pathway to personal growth and discovery. Let your creativity and genius take you to new heights and open possibilities.

How it Works
Living Brave's coaching programs take a holistic approach to your personal and business evolution. There is no blue-print, and I definitely don't want you to come out looking the same as the next coach. It's about empowering you to achieve your goals and create your long-term vision without constraints.


Break through limiting beliefs and fear. Attract soulmate clients, nurture engaged community, and show up as a thought leader.


Build an irresistible product suite of offerings you're confident, clear and excited about. Tell stories that land and master soulful + strategic marketing.


Hold space for empowered sales conversations. Build a sales ecosystem that converts clients and takes convincing out of the equation.

Tailored to Your Business Goals

Explore building an ecosystem of offerings.

How to create and launch a successful podcast! I learned the hard way with Living Brave and want to save you a ton of time and energy that you can use on creating and growing your platform! From the back-end tech stuff you need to know, to getting thought leaders and influencers on your show, promoting your podcast, and producing a high quality show, I got you. For those that don’t want your own podcast, I’ll share my insights on landing podcast interviews. 

How to be an effective speaker and land speaking gigs. In-person and online! This is an example of an avenue for leads and growth that extend past social media. For example, I once spoke on a panel for a small community – 45 minutes with just 7 live viewers turned into $7k and 2 high-ticket soulmate clients. (This was also in my FIRST month of business).

How to charge what you’re worth and negotiate with brands for high ticket deals. For example, I helped my client land her FIRST brand partnership (with a following under 7k on IG) at $800 for 2 minutes of video and a social post. 

How to sell out a high-ticket retreat and curate an incredible experience for your clients. From logistics, to marketing, launch strategy, itinerary, vendors, pricing, structure, etc., I got you! I sold out my first international retreats without a large following or any paid promotions!

I help my clients write, edit, pitch and publish their work! Their words have resonated with thousands of people, helped established their authority, get visible, generate organic leads, and gain credibility and experience as a thought leader. My writing has consistently ranked on sites like Elephant Journal, where I get paid to publish personal essays that convert clients. 

How to network like a bad ass and collaborate the smart way. Make long-lasting connections with people that are beneficial to your business and help you level up in other aspects of your life. 

The strategy behind a 5-figure group program launch! When we work 1-1, we can get in depth with a more complex strategy as you scale your business and grow your product suite so that everything you do has a place and makes sense within your longer-term business goals. 

Hi! I'm Shoshanna

I help fiery, heart-centered women make their story work for them, whether through reclaiming power in their personal lives or building a soul-centered business. In 2015, I traded corporate consulting for a one-way ticket to India. After a yoga teacher training, 30+ countries, and a successful career in journalism, I launched the Living Brave podcast. The platform expanded into a community of 7k+, sold-out international retreats and booked out signature coaching programs. In line with my mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, I speak openly about HSV and encourage others to use vulnerability as a super-power. I work with women of all different backgrounds who are ready to ground their gifts into empowered offerings and shift their mindset around all things business.

With a background in finance and economics alongside yoga and mindfulness, a love for adventure, a knack for speaking and community building, and a track record of success in launching and scaling businesses, I'm here to help the purpose-driven women make impact and income doing what she loves.

I stalled for too long, until I finally went full-time with my business. In 3 months, I surpassed my annual income and made back my business coaching investment 10x.

I'm here to guide you with a blend of soul and strategy. I do that without the icky homogenization and salesy-ness common in this industry, so you can cut through the noise and carve out an authentic path.

I love the work I do and I wouldn't trade it for passive income in a second. I believe that one of my greatest gifts is to see the potential in others that they often don't see in themselves.

Taking the leap and isn't easy. But it's necessary to break past stagnation and level up for yourself and the people you're meant to serve.

Living Brave’s coaching programs are for those of you who are serious about doing the work and getting results. 
I once had a client tell me I was the plane ticket to her next level in life in business. I replied, “Yes, and you’re the pilot.”

You are the driver of your own transformation. 

When I invested in my first high-level coach, it felt like the scariest thing I’d ever done. That investment paid for itself 12x in 3 months. 

I intend for the return on investment for my programs to be at least that in a short time, and hundreds of times over in a lifetime. 

Just the act of prioritizing yourself at that level is enough to start dissolving old beliefs and stories about yourself. Unlearning your own limitations. 

The strategy, the skills, the practical shifts and mindset work, coupled with the tangible resource library, community support, and networking opportunities that you receive through coaching are worth every penny. 

As Pema Chodron says so beautifully, “fear is a natural response to moving closer to truth.”

So if you’re feeling nerves, butterflies, or like you’re at the edge of a cliff about to jump off, that’s a great thing.

Before working with Shoshanna, I was in a toxic coaching mentorship with little direction but the desire to grow my business from an authentic place. I felt defeated by the coaching industry and gave up on pursuing my business. I felt lost and confused, ready to give up on my dream… then I started working with Shoshanna!

Shoshanna created a safe space for me to rebuild by coaching business from an empowered place and has inspired me to seek and live in my truth. Her containers have an intentional structure that helped me launch my podcast, create programs that are aligned with my heart and skills, and gain 1:1 clients. She has helped me shift my mindset in my business from scarcity to excited and empowered! She has also guided me through finding the confidence to begin my podcast, helped me publish blog posts, and create intentional containers for my 1:1 clients. 
Working together has not only helped me build my business but has given me an opportunity to reconnect with myself and recognize my own power! Her program is more than a business mentorship, she truly creates a space for healing and encourages me to do the inner work on myself so that I can thrive in my business. In our sessions, she gives me permission to be completely ME and to show up exactly as I am. She gives me encouragement to show up as my best self in all areas of my life. I look forward to our calls together every week knowing that they help me grow and make progress on my personal and business journey! I feel so blessed to have Shosh in my life as a coach, mentor, friend, and teacher! 


Business Coaching Client

Not ready to apply? Here is a free training on how to use your story as the core of your business.

  • Confidence, peace of mind and self-acceptance​
  • Own your story and rewrite your narrative​
  • Build deep relationships grounded in honesty and trust​

"I’m indebted to Shoshanna for holding the space for me to step into my truth in a way that felt real and personal. To anyone on the fence about booking a call or hiring Shoshanna, what are you waiting for? Allow yourself come home to your truth with her soothing voice, that’s been there too, lighting the way." - Rachel

Apply and book a discovery call. I'll learn more about you and your goals, and if it's an aligned fit, I'll share more about how I see best supporting you. If it's an empowered yes, I'll walk you through the enrollment process or secure your spot on the waitlist. If it's not a perfect fit, I'll provide you with any resources or insights that may benefit you moving forward.

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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