WE BUild real wealth… from the inside out

Empowered business, love and leadership coaching for female entrepreneurs and visionaries embracing a new feminine strategy for holistic success,  prioritizing their joy, values and personal growth, alongside the impact they’re making in their communities.

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We create millionaires from the inside out

Leadership and business coaching for heart-centered female entrepreneurs

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Join thousands of happy, fulfilled, relaxed clients in the Living Brave family who’ve embraced a non-conventional approach to “unrealistic” success.


Throw out 90% of what the “experts” say you need to be successful… and learn innovative, playful and energetically-sound strategies to create new record days doing what you love.

When you stop hustling like a man and come back to the spark inside, things start to click into place.

When you’re surrounded by peers and a mentor who operate like this, you can’t not fly. 

Create a low maintenance, high cash-flow business with An ATTRACTION-BASED "micro-MOVEMENT"... even if you have a "small audience" or no traditional business experience... (even better)

We access growth by way of embracing MORE of who you are… bringing ALL of yourself to the table, vs. niching down and “getting serious.”

It starts with slaying your shame. Then, you stop hiding from your potential and stalling your growth with money and visibility. You’ll liberate yourself from chronic “waiting” and playing small. Your people can’t help but chase YOU down because of your personal magnetism, joy and embodied feminine power.

For the woman with a huge heart and a lot to say, but doesn’t always know exactly how to say it… because who you are could never be explained, rather MUST be experienced… constantly evolving and getting better every day… 

Build a brand and community connected to your DEEPEST WHY, that grows with you and encourages you to expand and change, rather than keep you stuck in a past identity. learn how to build compounding cash flow in a simple business model that allows for creativity, fun, innovation and grows recurring revenue without you needing to launch all the time.

Your business should hold you as much as you hold your business. You deserve to wake up every day proud of the life you’ve created and the impact you’re making.

We’ll show you how to embody feminine leadership, embrace your whole self and tell your story in a way that makes you proud and matters to your clients.

For the dreamer, the crazy, never really “fit in,” over the top, can’t-stop-giggling visionary…

Embrace your creative and multi-passionate self

There’s no need to tear down your business or make a pivot every time you go through a re-birth (if you’re like me that’s every month!)

Break free from the masculine, formulaic approach to business and embody your feminine power, not by leaning BACK by leaning IN an entirely new approach based on desire vs. pain, self expression vs. “authority building,” truth vs. performance, transformation vs. transaction.

We lead with value, service, heart and leadership, and none of that requires you to be someone you’re not to be wildly successful.

If you’ve never never quite fit the mold, I’ve got you… traditional business coaching wasn’t designed for you.

There’s no good in boxing yourself in. Instead, learn how to bring your full artistic self to the table to get the results you know you’re capable of in a way that actually feels good for you.

You don’t have to go on this journey alone.

JOIN a community of women who genuinly want to see you win.

There’s nothing like the sisterhood inside of Living Brave. Come see for yourself <3

Building a 7-8 figure business is supposed to be fun.

Get on the Chill Rocketship

There’s a “war on happy people” going on. There’s a social taboo preventing women from being “too happy” “too successful” or “too in love..” sacrifice is rewarded and ease is scoffed at.

Hustle culture has created the idea that building a huge business is supposed to be hard and stressful.

While the masculine, heads down approach might work for some people, it doesn’t work for us.

You can go fast in business and stay relaxed in your creative, artistic, multi-passionate and [sometimes even chaotic and messy] feminine essence at the same time. Your mess is your masterpiece. Your imperfection is your asset. Your shame is the source of your greatest power. 

You don’t have to RUSH AROUND to QUANTUM LEAP when you step on to the Chill Rocketship.

Why grow an attraction-based business?

Develop your “jedi femme skills,” learning how to work with energetics to shift outcomes in your favor.

By focusing on the HEART of business instead of LOGICAL TACTICS, YOU can embrace Your inner artist and build a business on YOUR own terms:

🚀 No pushy sales or weird outbound lead gen, instead build true emotional intimacy and flirt with your community. let clients apply to work with you on their own time 

🚀 Skip the need for paid ads, we’re all organic up to nearly 8 figures with a small audience

🚀 Send a celebratory dance party video to a new client in your PJs after she signs a 5-figure contract for you to help her transform her life

🚀 Move through the world with lightness and ease, feeling romance and polarity in your relationship especially as you become wealthier and elevated as a CEO

🚀 No one size fits all strategy, instead access a framework, network and world class coaching to be able to do it your own way, without sacrificing your values, or needing to follow 92320 step dry scripts and formulas that tie you to your phone and suck the magic out of your art.

🚀 Stop trying to win the algorithm with endless posts and instead build fast to high 6 figure – million dollars months by focusing on real metrics like impact and sales vs getting lost trying to become a generic influencer

🚀 Get the tools and access the intuition to weather the inevitable storms like throws at you, learning how to lead instead of pretending to be perfect and build a life you’re proud of on and off screen 


Get in the room with the most epic Mastermind on the internet for embodied women in leadership.

Receive world class coaching directly with Shoshanna inside the inner circle and all-access Mastermind experience!

Includes bi-weekly hotseat coaching calls, access to the ENTIRE Living Brave product suite, quarterly masterminds, and more!!

Not another course…

A living breathing current of endless inspiration, coaching & sisterhood; a behind the scenes, members only, CLUB.


Say “maybe” and test drive the Club for a month for only $99.


1 – The Vortex Mastermind: The year long inner circle Mastermind and all access pass with direct access to caching with Shoshanna, alongside a vibrant, tight knit sisterhood, and the entire Living Brave Vault of premium courses and live programs. Receive LIVE coaching and Masterminds with established women in business scaling their movements with hands on, customized support, a live event in Colorado, an exclusive private network, Q+As and everything we run for the entire year.

2 – The Club: A daily dose of Shoshanna in your back pocket. Every day, you’ll receive a behind the scenes training on our theme of the month directly from Shoshanna, and will have access to a buzzing community to go deeper on the material, introduce yourself to, network with, podcast. collaborate and meet your new biz besties around the world. You receive a bonus Vault of courses on the art of attraction, organic business growth, feminine sales, and more when you join (valued at 5 figures+, for free). Just $99, cancel any time. Binge 350+ trainings on a members’ only podcast or dive into the community and make new friends right away. 

Our coaching programs and communities, the Vortex and the Club are virtual, allowing you to connect, grow, and lead from anywhere in the world. We also have in-person retreats, an annual conference in Colorado. Shoshanna also works privately with clients in Colorado and may host intimate events around the world.

Send me a message @shoshanna_raven and I’m happy to offer you honest feedback and reflection to see if working with Living brave might be a good fit for you and if so, what might possibly be the best place.

Yes for a select number of clients who have hit a minimum earnings of $1Million in their business in a calendar year. Please reach out to Shoshanna on Instagram @shoshanna_raven to inquire.

Results mirror commitment — if you’re here to play full out, the transformation is inevitable. It pays to be brave 😉 We’re always here to talk through your reservations and answer your questions. It’s normal to wonder if it’s actually possible for you when your mind is wired to come up with all the reasons why it’s not. That’s why we offer tons of low cost and free stuff to help you see just how simple it is and get quick wins, and then ascend to more advanced higher level offers. You can always dive into testimonials to hear hundreds of success stories from people who of course had the same question… but decided they’d rather not wait another year wondering… what if?

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