(Pod) Born to Rise: Finding the Gap in the Conversation

Unfolding Shoshanna’s narrative and how she started living bravely. How to build a strong community by embracing your story. Pushing Past Fear And Growing Momentum In Business. Learning from those who trigger your jealousy. Holding space for yourself and your clients.

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Rising up into your leadership and building a true community around your work starts with reclaiming your story and embracing your shame.

Only then can you find freedom and see yourself for who you truly are.

That is how you can establish strong foundations to build a powerful and connective community.

In this episode, I am talking to Shoshanna Raven, a business empowerment coach, host of the Living Brave Podcast, and a woman who lives bravely every single day.

Shoshanna is making huge waves in the world by helping women transform their shame through the power of storytelling.

She is so incredibly insightful and is sharing how she found a gap in the conversation and built a powerful and inspiring community around it.


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