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Transform shame into power, own your story and take leaps of faith for your personal and professional growth. 




The Living Brave Mission
Living Brave podcast, community, retreats, and signature coaching programs aim to break down fear and shame culture. The platform of now 7K+ people around the world is full of change makers and leaders stepping into their power and living on purpose. We're pioneering a new way of being, in which we realize that authenticity, radical transparency and vulnerability are key ingredients for wellbeing and true connection. Join the movement to uplift one another and plant the seeds of transformation.

Life Coaching

Own your story, alchemize shame into power and step into your worth for your personal growth and freedom.

Business Coaching

Build empowered offerings that serve the world, tell a story that lands, and make consistent $ without burnout.


Our week together is designed to revitalize you and crack you open to your unique potential. Connect, grow, and explore.

Where we stand...

We live in a culture hyper-focused on the next best thing. Where constant comparison chips away at our self-confidence, fueling an insatiable longing for MORE and BETTER.

You’re tricked into thinking the key is outside of yourself.

The result is that you either feel more unfulfilled and shamed about where you’re at, no matter how far you’ve come…

… OR, you get to where you wanted to go and you realize you’re caught in a hamster wheel of not-enoughness.

What if I told you there was another way? 

For my women that are done waiting. 

I see you. 

You’re ready to lean in. 

You can do hard things. 

Let’s tap into the power already within you and utilize your gifts.

Imagine you...

Let’s break the cycle

Together, we’ll dive deep into self-empowerment so that you can show up more confidently in your work, relationships, and other facets of your life where you may have lost your footing. We’ll do this with a personalized mix of methodologies, practices and strategies, with the accountability and support required to make deep, long-lasting change.

The result is your ability to harness power that you already possess. To build self-love and unwavering trust in yourself. To show up boldly and ready to lead.

So that you can start asking for what you want and deserve, armored with a priceless sense of worth and authenticity.

From that place of true power, you may laugh as you watch what you’ve been trying so hard to manifest flood into your life.

ALL OF IT, excluding the things you realize you never actually wanted. More importantly, you’ll discover that some of the best gifts are those we couldn’t have dreamt up ourselves

Are we a good fit?

Vulnerability, trust, playfulness, and deep listening are a few of the key pillars that will guide our journey together.

I’m here to assure you that although your experience is unique to you, I get it. I see you.

And holy wow have I been in the thick of it.

Just a few years ago I found myself in another low, feeling lost, unmotivated and disconnected from myself.

What made me fall in love with my life again wasn’t meeting my partner, traveling the world, hosting retreats, launching my podcast, having my articles succeed in resonating with thousands of people, booking out my coaching practice, or any other external milestone.

It’s the relationship I rebuilt with myself first, that only as a consequence, catapulted me into new growth. (That relationship that I’m still working on day in and day out, because anyone who tells you that growth is linear and that perfection is attainable is fooling you, themselves, or you both!)

The last thing I want is to lead you to believe that in achieving something outside of yourself or modeling someone else’s road to “happiness” (or at least however they show up on social media) that you’ll be satisfied.

When we work together, I’m happy to help you attract the partner, make the money, and hit all the external milestones, but inevitably the programs would let you down if they didn’t start at unraveling your core limitations and cracking you open to your unique potential.

To set you up for living brave in a way that is uniquely you. A path that only you can decide for yourself once you stand fully in your worth.

I’m talking true worth, not your bank account, your job title, your relationship status, or your social media following.

That energetic frequency of wholeness that radiates, that gives you clarity about what you even what and what’s important to you.

If you’re ready to lean into your fear, take ownership of your story and make it work for you, let’s talk.

Whether you’re someone who’s in starter limbo, who’s on the verge of a major transition, or who’s simply tired of feeling let down and wants to build confidence and courage to JUST GO FOR IT, Living Brave 1-1 coaching programs are designed with a grounded and heart-centered strategy to support you and your long-term vision. 

How to use vulnerability as a superpower

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