Here are a few of my most valuable trainings


phoenix Rising

Exploring feminine power & magnetic confidence so you can lead yourself powerfully & unapologetically in your personal & professional life & attract your desires with more ease.



Embodied wealth & sustainable growth to 7 figures. For heart-centered coaches & entrepreneurs ready to exhale and relax into their next level of embodied leadership.


Next Level Leadership

3 keys to breaking the rules and elevating your business. You’ll learn my signature framework to quantum leap in your business. These keys are exactly what propelled me from a $0 launch to $400k in revenue 10 months later.

3-Part Series

The Worthy wealthy womxn

3 mistakes holding female entrepreneurs back from experiencing exponential wealth & financial liberation. It’s time to throw out all of your remaining shame, scarcity, and fear around money. Your mission here is too big.


Launch like a leader

How stepping into disruptive leadership skyrockets your biz + action items for you to take right away. Learn the difference between a $0 vs $50k launch + the exact organic launch strategy I teach clients.


Claiming the Path of Entrepreneurship

Learn the necessary mindset shifts and exact business model to scale to 6-figures. Avoid the most common new coach mistakes. Here’s your invitation to leap.


The 6-Figure Quarter Breakdown

Behind the Scenes of $300k in 9 months. For the heart-centered leader & entrepreneur ready to scrap the old “tried and true” tactics and shake things up.